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Recent Articles
2017-02-22 CANoe/CANalyzer Versions and Supported Hardware
This document provides an overview about the CANoe/CANalyzer Versions and Supported Hardware.
2017-02-22 rating Views: 3756
2017-02-22 Operating Systems Supported by Vector Products
This document provides an overview about the operating systems supported by Vector products like illustrated in this picture:
2017-02-22 rating Views: 5300
2017-02-22 Example for a Python Scirpt to Control CANape via COM
Description: Enclosed you will find an example to build up a Python Script to control CANape via COM. Background: the Python Script controls CANape via COM server it adds and calibrates a calibration object it measures a measurement object per polling it configures the signals to...
2017-02-22 rating Views: 0
2017-02-16 Problems in Displaying some J1939 Signals in Data/Graphic Window
Question: Why are some J1939 Signals not displayed in Data/Graphic Window? Answer: J1939 precisely define how signals shall be interpreted. For CANoe/CANalyzer the interpretation of each signal is defined using the Signal Attribute SigType. SigType shall be from type Enumeration and the...
2017-02-16 rating Views: 468
2017-02-15 Support of ISO 11898-1:2015 for CAN FD
Question: When do Vector products support ISO 11898-1:2015 for CAN FD? Answer: CANoe/CANalyzer with version 8.5 (Q1/2015) VN16xx family in Q2/2015 Further products follow subsequently
2017-02-15 rating Views: 1475
2017-02-15 CAN FD: Measuring and Reprogramming
CAN with a flexible data rate (CAN FD) is a technological evolution of the CAN network. It provides more bandwidth than CAN with less complexity than FlexRay. The network specialists at Vector investigated two typical applications, measurement of ECU internal signals via XCP and ECU reprogramming,...
2017-02-15 rating Views: 1195
2017-02-15 Vector Tools for CAN FD
Question: Which Vector Tools support CAN FD? Answer: CAN FD DBC database suppport: CANoe/CANalyzer full CAN FD protocol support since version 8.1 (non ISO FD) CANoe/CANalyzer full CAN FD support for ISO 11898-1:2015 since version 8.5 (ISO CAN FD) CANoe Option SCOPE CAN FD decode support...
2017-02-15 rating Views: 2184
2017-02-15 Vector Network Interfaces for CAN FD
Question: Which Vector network interfaces support CAN FD? Answer: VN16xx family, VN8970, VN8972, VN7570, VN7572, VN56xx family, VT6204, and VN7610 support CAN FD. All newly developed CAN interfaces will also support CAN FD. Note 1: Unfortunately the XL network interfaces do not...
2017-02-15 rating Views: 1792
2017-02-15 DBC Databases for CAN FD?
Question: Can DBC databases be used for CAN FD with 64 bytes? Answer: Yes, DBC format and CANdb++ editor fully support CAN FD since CANoe/CANalyzer 8.1. PREEvision supports CAN FD network design based on DBC since version 7.0.
2017-02-15 rating Views: 1236
2017-02-15 Software Components for CAN FD
Question: Are there software components (ECU software) available for CAN FD? Answer: AUTOSAR: support of 64 Byte payload will be realized as part of the MICROSAR roadmap For further information concerning software components please contact your Vector sales representative.
2017-02-15 rating Views: 559
2017-02-15 Usage of Single Diagnostic Description to Send Diagnostic Requests to Different Networks
Question: Is it possible to use a single Diagnostic Description to send Diagnostic requests to different networks? Answer: You can use a single Diagnostic Description to send Diagnostic requests to different networks. Please add the Diagnostic Description in the CANoe configuration...
2017-02-15 rating Views: 1946
2017-02-15 Requirements (CANoe) for Working with DoIP
Question: Which CANoe option do I need to work with DoIP? Answer: All DoIP-specific CAPL functions and the corresponding Node-Layer-DLL „DoIP.dll“ are available in standard CANoe. They permit to develop CAPL simulation nodes for DoIP. Please refer to “DoIP_” in CANoe’s Online Help...
2017-02-15 rating Views: 1896
2017-02-15 Diagnostics over K-Line with CANoe/CANalyzer
Support Note: The following Support Note describes how diagnostics can be performed with an ECU that only supports K-Line.
2017-02-15 rating Views: 1639
2017-02-15 Security Access for CANoe
Support Note: The following Support Note gives you an overview how to handle Security Access in diagnostic projects based on CANoe. Note: The Security Access via XCP/CCP is quite different as it requires either a SKB file or a dll containing other APIs. Please consult for more details KB...
2017-02-15 rating Views: 1413
2017-02-15 Hardware Requirements for Working with DoIP
Question: Which Hardware do I need to work with DoIP? Answer: No special Ethernet interface is necessary to work with DoIP. You might use your PC integrated Ethernet interface or any USB-to-Ethernet-Interface. However Vector recommends the usage of an external VN5610 for the following reasons: ...
2017-02-15 rating Views: 1104
2017-02-14 Version Related Compatibility Matrix for Measurement and Calibration Tool Chain
This document provides an overview about the Version Related Compatibility Matrix for Measurement and Calibration Tool Chain like illustrated in this picture:
2017-02-14 rating Views: 656
2017-02-13 Is There Any Standard Windows Driver Available to operate the VN Interfaces?
Question: Is there any standard Windows Driver available to operate the VN Interfaces? Answer: Vector VN family interfaces offer functionality that exceeds those of standard communication devices, and therefore cannot be operated as USB-CDC-Devices. They only can be operated using Vector...
2017-02-13 rating Views: 43
2017-02-13 Using Templates to Create New Logger Configurations in Vector Logger Configurator (from Version 2.6 SP3)
Use case A: Central storage of databases or include files: Include files or databases are stored on a folder on a server. This folder has to be reachable via the same path wherever the logger configurations are used. The templates may be placed locally or in a central folder on the server,...
2017-02-13 rating Views: 21
2017-02-13 Getting started with VT6000 and VT6104
Here you'll find a guide for getting started with VT6000 and VT6104.
2017-02-13 rating Views: 1545
2017-02-09 Transceiver Compatibility List
This document provides an overview about the Transceiver Compatibility List like illustrated in this picture:
2017-02-09 rating Views: 4912
2017-02-09 Supported MATLAB and Compiler Versions
This document contains the compiler compatibility matrix for Vector CANape RT-Target (DLL)
2017-02-09 rating Views: 990
2017-02-09 Download Failed When no CLEAR_MEMORY Command Is Sent
Issue: When flashing over CCP, an error message occurs „Download Failed“. No CLEAR_MEMORY command is sent. Solution: Please check the following settings: Open Device Configuration and click on Memory Flash. Change Concatenation to false: Now try to flash the ECU again and check if...
2017-02-09 rating Views: 40
2017-02-08 Diagnostic with SAE J1939 - Usage of CDD and DBC
The SAE J1939 recommended practice contains several Diagnostic specific frames with DMx as acronym. Some of these frames are used for diagnostic purposes „on-board“, during the drive. They build for instance the input for the central display, informing the driver on actual defects. Most of...
2017-02-08 rating Views: 196
2017-02-07 Is it Possible to Configure a VLAN at Runtime Using CAPL?
Question: Is it possible to configure a VLAN at runtime using CAPL? Answer: It is possible at CANoe runtime to add/change an adapter address on a VLAN interface using the CAPL function IpAddAdapterAddress but it is not possible to set or change the VLAN ID or priority.
2017-02-07 rating Views: 47
2017-02-06 Ethernet and COM Interface
Issue: You want to send/receive Ethernet frames using the COM interface/COM server. Solution: It is not possible to send or receive Ethernet frames using the COM server. Ethernet packages shall rather be sent/received with CAPL/C# modules implemented in simulation or test nodes. This is...
2017-02-06 rating Views: 58