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Recent Articles
2017-06-21 Ethernet Gateway
Simulation of an Ethernet gateway using two VN5610 physically connected SimpleEthGateway
2017-06-21 rating Views: 306
2017-06-19 Installation and Uninstallation
For more information please refer to the following document.
2017-06-19 rating Views: 516
2017-06-01 Time Stamp Generation
CAN: SOF (Start of Frame): for synchronization RTR (Remote Transmission Request): RTR = 0 (dominant) data frame, RTR = 1 (recessive) remote frame IDE (Identifier Extention): IDE=0 (dominant) for 11-Bit IDs, IDE = 1 (recessive) for 29-Bit IDs) DLC (Date Length Code): number of data bytes in data...
2017-06-01 rating Views: 81
2017-05-31 Padding Diagnostic Frames in CANoe/CANalyzer (Fixed Frame Length of 8 Bytes)
In most cases, diagnostic frames using the ISO Transport Protocol (ISO-TP) shall be padded in order to have a constant 8 bytes long data field, independently of the actual data amount that is transported. Support Note: This Support Note explains how to process if your project CANoe /CANalyzer...
2017-05-31 rating Views: 1310
2017-05-31 "The File Version of the Database Is Not Supported" When Loading a Diagnostic Description File (CDD)
Issue: Error while loading diagnostic description: The file version of the database is not supported. Solution: This error message appears because the diagnostic description file (CDD file) was created with a newer version of CANdelaStudio. In some cases it could be an older version. To...
2017-05-31 rating Views: 529
2017-05-31 Is it Possible to Edit FIBEX for Ethernet with Vector FIBEX Explorer Pro?
Question: Is it possible to edit FIBEX for Ethernet with Vector FIBEX Explorer Pro? Answer: No, it is not. As AUTOSAR format ARXML will in long term replace the FIBEX format for Ethernet based network description, no development effort has been made in extending the Vector FIBEX Explorer Pro...
2017-05-31 rating Views: 265
2017-05-31 CAPL Documentation
The full and up-to-date CAPL reference is contained in the help function of your Vector tool: In the installation directory of CANalyzer or CANoe, a CAPL Functions Manual (CANalyzer_CAPLFunctionsManual.pdf or CANoe_CAPLFunctionsManual.pdf) is located in the folder "Doc". Additional...
2017-05-31 rating Views: 46732
2017-05-31 How to Find Some/IP Methods Containing in my ARXML/FIBEX
Question: How can I find the Some/IP Methods that are content in my ARXML/FIBEX Answer: Vector Symbol Explorer doesn’t display at the moment any methods. To find out the available methods that are content in your ARXML/Fibex, please use an XML Editor like for example the Altova XMLspy. ...
2017-05-31 rating Views: 36
2017-05-31 Performance Problem with CANoe Simulation Configuration
Depending on the data base used as basis for the generation of a CANoe simulation, the resulting configuration sometimes contains a huge amount of data. This might lead to the following difficulties: Timeout Error during the configuration loading The loading of the generated remaining bus...
2017-05-31 rating Views: 54
2017-05-30 Difference between PCAP and CANoe Specific BLF Logging Format
Question: What is the difference between PCAP and the CANoe specific BLF logging format? Answer: The PCAP format has been defined to capture network traffic. A PCAP file only contains Ethernet frames. BLF files additionally contain: Link Status erroneous Ethernet packages frames of other...
2017-05-30 rating Views: 52
2017-05-30 Configuration of U-Blox GPS Receiver for Use with Vector Tools
The following Support Note gives you a step by step solution for the widely-used GPS receiver modules from u-blox, which needs a special one-time configuration in order to work with tools from Vector (e.g. CANape).
2017-05-30 rating Views: 57
2017-05-30 Ethernet Vector Network Driver with CANoe 10.0
With CANoe/CANalyzer 10.0 the Ethernet Vector Network Driver also called Option Ethernet Driver is no longer automatically installed with the setup of the option Ethernet. The user must install the Ethernet Vector Network Driver manually, if a build-in third-party Ethernet interface of a computer...
2017-05-30 rating Views: 110
2017-05-30 Shall I Configure VN56xx in Vector HW Configuration or CANoe Configuration?
Question: Shall I configure VN56xx in Vector HW configuration or CANoe configuration? Answer: If you configure your VN56xx within CANoe, the Ethernet settings will only be active during CANoe measurement. Moreover, because the configuration has first to be transmitted to the interface, the...
2017-05-30 rating Views: 55
2017-05-29 UDP Fragmentation
This small example configuration for IPv6 shows how a client (Client) can send 10,000 bytes data using UDP and how a UDP server (Server) can receive it. The fragmentation is managed on the IPv6 level by CANoe's TCP/IP Stack. The maximal buffer size for a data frame that can be sent/received by...
2017-05-29 rating Views: 128
2017-05-24 About PSA Patch Installer
CANdelaStudio needs a specific PSA Patch Installer for all ODX related operations. The PSA Patch Installer supports the installation of: Recent version of the CANdelaStudio ODX Import required for PSA "Create PSA Qualifier" PlugIn to ensure that the CANdelaStudio document is in accordance...
2017-05-24 rating Views: 538
2017-05-22 CANoe/CANalyzer Versions and Supported Hardware
This document provides an overview about the CANoe/CANalyzer Versions and Supported Hardware.
2017-05-22 rating Views: 4704
2017-05-22 Error Message: “One or more diagnostics descriptions cannot be loaded in RT part”
From 9.0 on, if you cannot start your measurement using a VN89xx Device, This error message in CANoe’s Write Window can have two different causes: You are using an extremely large PDX which failed to be unzipped on the RT part since it would need unzipped more than 3GiB the CDD used...
2017-05-22 rating Views: 93
2017-05-18 Hardware Independent Early Filtering of Events for CANoe
If activated, the following option permits to filter out the messages and events of all available bus systems that shall not be analyzed in Measurement Setup. Note: The filtered data is still present in the Simulation Setup. The early data filtering is hardware independent and helps to...
2017-05-18 rating Views: 57
2017-05-18 Software Components for CAN FD
Question: Are there software components (ECU software) available for CAN FD? Answer: Vector’s AUTOSAR solution MICROSAR supports CAN FD Vector’s embedded solution CANbedded supports CAN FD For further information concerning software components please contact your Vector sales...
2017-05-18 rating Views: 682
2017-05-18 Differences: LIN Node Configuration Services and UDS Diagnostics
Differences between LIN Node Configuration Services and UDS Diagnostics: The LIN Node Configuration Services are specified in the LIN specification (LIN 2.0/2.1/2.2 Specification Package, ISO17987-3) UDS on LIN is specified in ISO14229-7 The LIN Node Configuration Services are validated by...
2017-05-18 rating Views: 85
2017-05-17 How Can I Change the VLAN Id and IP Address at Run Time?
Question: How can I change the VLAN ID and IP address at run time? Answer: The VLAN Id and IP Address might be adapted before an Ethernet frame is sent if all possible VLAN Ids have been previously configured in the IP Stack like for instance: In this case it is possible at run...
2017-05-17 rating Views: 57
2017-05-16 Can I Use the VN8900 Eth Input together with a VN5600 to Send/Receive Ethernet Frames?
Question: Can I use the VN8900 Eth Input together with a VN5600 to send/receive Ethernet frames? Answer: Yes, you can. The VN5600 shall be connected to the VN8900 via USB and configured using the Vector Hardware Configuration like indicated below: Then, its channel usage shall be...
2017-05-16 rating Views: 301
2017-05-15 Installation and Update
Get detailed information about the first steps after you receive your Vector AUTOSAR delivery and how to update. Standard Deliveries MICROSAR 3 MICROSAR 4 Evaluation Bundles MICROSAR 3 MICROSAR 4
2017-05-15 rating Views: 6697
2017-05-15 VN8900 with CANoe 8.0 – 8.5 Unable to Load CDD
Issue: After start of measurement CANoe shows the error message cannot load diagnostic description. VN8900 stands for VN8910, VN8910A and VN8912 devices. Solution: Follow these steps to update the VN8900 and CANoe in order to load the CDD file: Download the most recent Standalone...
2017-05-15 rating Views: 208
2017-05-11 No License Found!
If the following error message appears during installation: "License information could not be retrieved correctly. Setup aborted!" Then: Please delete every data in your %TEMP% folder. For that please insert in your Windows Explorer the path %TEMP% and delete every file possible. After that...
2017-05-11 rating Views: 283