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Recent Articles
2017-03-23 CANoe Option SENSOR Compatibility
The CANoe option SENSOR is compatible as follows: VT2710 PSI5 CANoe 9.0 SP3 and above SENT CANoe 9.0 SP3 and above SPI Starting with CANoe 10.0 LVDS * RS485 * RS422 * I²C * UART * .NET API * *...
2017-03-23 rating Views: 34
2017-03-22 CAPL Documentation
The full and up-to-date CAPL reference is contained in the help function of your Vector tool: In the installation directory of CANalyzer or CANoe, a CAPL Functions Manual (CANalyzer_CAPLFunctionsManual.pdf or CANoe_CAPLFunctionsManual.pdf) is located in the folder "Doc". Additional...
2017-03-22 rating Views: 35035
2017-03-21 Definition Range for DiVa Tests Expected Value Parameter Checks
DiVa can be configured to generate tests for Expected values of response: These tests are only generated if the concerned parameters are defined in the CDD like the following: For DiVa up to 4.0 expected value parameter checks might be only done for parameters that are defined in the CDD...
2017-03-21 rating Views: 39
2017-03-21 How Can I Filter the Ethernet Frames?
Question: How can I filter the Ethernet Frames? Answer: There are 3 different kinds of filters that might be used for Ethernet Frames: Hardware Filters to stop the frames before they are transmitted by the interface to CANoe. This filtering improves CANoe’s performance and is part of...
2017-03-21 rating Views: 28
2017-03-15 Is it Possible to Configure a VLAN at Runtime Using CAPL?
Question: Is it possible to configure a VLAN at runtime using CAPL? Answer: It is possible at CANoe runtime to add/change an adapter address on a VLAN interface using the CAPL function IpAddAdapterAddress but it is not possible to set or change the VLAN ID or priority.
2017-03-15 rating Views: 79
2017-03-15 CANoe.Ethernet and VN8910 Device in Standalone Mode
The following article informs about the system requirements and restrictions with CANoe.Ethernet and VN8910. System requirements: CANoe 8.0 with latest Service pack is necessary (>8.0 SP2) Last operating system with Ethernet driver on VN8910 (minimum Image Version 2.2.0_8.0SP2 or...
2017-03-15 rating Views: 1920
2017-03-15 TCP Client
This configuration simulates a TCP client that answers to a connect request sent by an external server. The client uses Windows TCP/IP Stack therefore no Ethernet option for CANoe is necessary. You can use for this Pool Example: Your PC Network Adapter. The Server shall be reachable over your...
2017-03-15 rating Views: 287
2017-03-15 Activating a Software Based License
The software product you are about to install requires a license. There are two license protection methods available: hardware and software based license protection. The license protection method depends on the product (for detailed information please contact our sales department): Hardware...
2017-03-15 rating Views: 2942
2017-03-15 Requirements (CANoe) for Working with DoIP
Question: Which CANoe option do I need to work with DoIP? Answer: All DoIP-specific CAPL functions and the corresponding Node-Layer-DLL „DoIP.dll“ are available in standard CANoe. They permit to develop CAPL simulation nodes for DoIP. Please refer to “DoIP_” in CANoe’s Online Help...
2017-03-15 rating Views: 1983
2017-03-13 Example for Sending Diagnostic Requests and Receiving the Responses with CAPL (8.0 SP4<=CANoe<9.0SP3)
This example shows how to send diagnostic requests and diagnostic responses with CAPL. The example contains a simulated ECU so that you can run this example in simulated mode. The example also contains a test module showing the use of diagnostic functions in CANoe’s Test Feature Set (TFS). ...
2017-03-13 rating Views: 100
2017-03-13 Example for Sending Diagnostic Requests and Receiving the Responses with CAPL (CANoe>9.0SP2)
This example shows how to send diagnostic requests and diagnostic responses with CAPL. The example contains a simulated ECU so that you can run this example in simulated mode. The example also contains a test module showing the use of diagnostic functions in CANoe’s Test Feature Set (TFS). ...
2017-03-13 rating Views: 52
2017-03-09 Importance of the Sample Point Configuration in a CAN FD Network
The correct sample point configuration is very important with CAN FD networks. The reason is the Bit Rate Switch (BRS). In order to indicate a switch of the bit rate the BRS bit is sent recessively. The first part of a CAN FD frame, until the BRS bit is transmitted with the NOMINAL BIT RATE. The...
2017-03-09 rating Views: 215
2017-03-09 License Issue when Working with Windows 10
Issue: Encountering license issues when working with vADASdeveloper running on Windows 10 (Anniversary Update) with software-based license. Vector's license manager shows a valid vADASdeveloper license but obviously it is not working. Solution: In such cases the trusted storage has been...
2017-03-09 rating Views: 153
2017-03-07 CANape Versions and Supported Hardware
This document provides an overview about the CANape Versions and Supported Hardware.
2017-03-07 rating Views: 1838
2017-03-06 Operating Systems Supported by Vector Products
This document provides an overview about the operating systems supported by Vector products like illustrated in this picture:
2017-03-06 rating Views: 5535
2017-03-06 XML Parse Error: Schema Validation Failed - the Element ‘tc’ Has Invalid Child Element ‘tcid’
Issue: On compilation or measurement start in CANoe the compilation fails because of the following XML parser error: Solution: Since version 2.1 SP5 vTESTstudio supports test case IDs, that are not known in previous CANoe versions. Please update your CANoe version to at least 8.5 SP 5....
2017-03-06 rating Views: 61
2017-02-23 Differences in CANoe/CANalyzer or CANape Trace Window
The behaviour of the Trace window in CANoe/CANalyzer and in CANape is different - due to a different product philosophy. E. g. at measurement stop in CANoe: no further messages will be shown in the Trace window. In CANape, messages can still be sent e. g. with a script. The Trace window is in a...
2017-02-23 rating Views: 8122
2017-02-22 CANoe/CANalyzer Versions and Supported Hardware
This document provides an overview about the CANoe/CANalyzer Versions and Supported Hardware.
2017-02-22 rating Views: 4027
2017-02-22 Example for a Python Scirpt to Control CANape via COM
Description: Enclosed you will find an example to build up a Python Script to control CANape via COM. Background: the Python Script controls CANape via COM server it adds and calibrates a calibration object it measures a measurement object per polling it configures the signals to...
2017-02-22 rating Views: 146
2017-02-17 Diagnostic Based SW Update Using vFlash in CANape
vFlash, the standard Vector solution for flashing, is since CANape 12 part of the CANape installation. With vFlash a user of CANape is able to directly transfer the result of his calibration efforts into the ECU Flash Memory, using the embedded diagnostic driver. Note 1: The vFlash software...
2017-02-17 rating Views: 403
2017-02-16 Problems in Displaying some J1939 Signals in Data/Graphic Window
Question: Why are some J1939 Signals not displayed in Data/Graphic Window? Answer: J1939 precisely define how signals shall be interpreted. For CANoe/CANalyzer the interpretation of each signal is defined using the Signal Attribute SigType. SigType shall be from type Enumeration and the...
2017-02-16 rating Views: 496
2017-02-15 Support of ISO 11898-1:2015 for CAN FD
Question: When do Vector products support ISO 11898-1:2015 for CAN FD? Answer: CANoe/CANalyzer with version 8.5 (Q1/2015) VN16xx family in Q2/2015 Further products follow subsequently
2017-02-15 rating Views: 1539
2017-02-15 CAN FD: Measuring and Reprogramming
CAN with a flexible data rate (CAN FD) is a technological evolution of the CAN network. It provides more bandwidth than CAN with less complexity than FlexRay. The network specialists at Vector investigated two typical applications, measurement of ECU internal signals via XCP and ECU reprogramming,...
2017-02-15 rating Views: 1277
2017-02-15 Vector Tools for CAN FD
Question: Which Vector Tools support CAN FD? Answer: CAN FD DBC database suppport: CANoe/CANalyzer full CAN FD protocol support since version 8.1 (non ISO FD) CANoe/CANalyzer full CAN FD support for ISO 11898-1:2015 since version 8.5 (ISO CAN FD) CANoe Option SCOPE CAN FD decode support...
2017-02-15 rating Views: 2405
2017-02-15 Vector Network Interfaces for CAN FD
Question: Which Vector network interfaces support CAN FD? Answer: VN16xx family, VN8970, VN8972, VN7570, VN7572, VN56xx family, VT6204, and VN7610 support CAN FD. All newly developed CAN interfaces will also support CAN FD. Note 1: Unfortunately the XL network interfaces do not...
2017-02-15 rating Views: 1910