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VN5600 Family
2019-03-04 Usage of VN5610 as Standalone Media Converter
Question: How to use the VN5610 as standalone media converter? Answer: install the latest VN5610 driver (see Download Center) open Vector Hardware Config in the Windows system control panel select the VN5610 interface (1), double click on Default Ethernet Configuration (2) and select the...
2019-03-04 rating Views: 3306
2017-08-10 Usage of VN56xx Digital In/Out in CANoe
The usage of VN5610A/ VN5640 Digital in/out can be flexible configured in CANoe like following: There are three possible modis available: As Digital Input if configured as following: As Digital Output e.g. for DOIP Activation, compatible with ISO/DIS 13400-3: In bi-directional...
2017-08-10 rating Views: 1980
2018-04-18 Can I Use the VN8900 Eth Input together with a VN5610(A) to Send/Receive Ethernet Frames?
Question: Can I use the VN8900 Eth Input together with a VN5610(A) to send/receive Ethernet frames? Answer: Yes, you can. The VN5610(A) shall be connected to the VN8900 via USB and configured using the Vector Hardware Configuration like indicated below: Previously, the VN5610(A) Driver...
2018-04-18 rating Views: 1751
2018-10-17 How to Configure the VN5640 as Media Converter
Question: How can I configure the VN5640 as Media Converter? Note: Beside “Media Conversion”, the VN5640 might be configured in several different Operation Modes that are described in the dedicated Application Note. Answer: First make sure that CANoe is not using the...
2018-10-17 rating Views: 1678
2019-11-15 Shall I Configure VN56xx in Vector HW Configuration or CANoe Configuration?
Question: Shall I configure VN56xx in Vector HW configuration or CANoe configuration? Answer: If you configure your VN56xx within CANoe, the Ethernet settings will only be active during CANoe measurement. Moreover, because the configuration has first to be transmitted to the interface, the...
2019-11-15 rating Views: 1570
2018-06-11 Default Device Configuration for VN5640
To change the default device configuration of your VN5640, please connect it to your PC with USB and use the Vector Hardware Config to adapt the settings to your needs. The modified default device configuration will then be saved on the device flash. It will automatically be used after each power...
2018-06-11 rating Views: 1529
2020-03-16 VN5610 BroadR-Reach Link Up Fails
If the Activity LED of your VN5610 is not illuminated after having connected the corresponding Ethernet channel to a device or Evaluation Board, then the Link Up to this device was not successful. Please check if the link-configuration (e.g. Master/Slave settings, Speed) of both link-partners...
2020-03-16 rating Views: 1491
2017-07-26 Vector Ethernet Interface Advantages Over a Normal Ethernet Network Card
Question: What are the advantages of the Vector Ethernet Interface over a normal Ethernet network card? Answer: Two Ethernet channels (100/1000Mbit) or two BroadR-Reach (100Mbit) channels Bypassing functionality (monitor/alter communication between two Ethernet nodes) High precision...
2017-07-26 rating Views: 1143
2019-07-10 No Ground PIN Available at D-Sub Connector of Vector BroadR-Reach (BR) Interfaces
Question: Why is no ground pin available at the D-Sub connector of Vector BroadR-Reach (BR) interfaces? Answer: There is a big difference concerning the galvanic isolation of CAN interfaces and DC isolation of BroadR-Reach interfaces. According to the Open Alliance TC1 100BASE-T system...
2019-07-10 rating Views: 444
2018-06-12 VN5640 Driver Not Loaded when Connected to USB3.0 Renesas Controller µPD72020X
Issue: VN5640 driver is not correctly loaded if a VN5640 is connected to a USB 3.0 host port which has a Renesas controller µPD72020X and a driver update is done. Background: This problem is caused by an error of the corresponding Renesas USB 3.0 host controller (latest driver...
2018-06-12 rating Views: 397