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2019-02-20 Error Frames When Using CAN-FD
Question/Problem: Using CAN-FD results in error frames in the CANoe trace window The ECU is sending CAN-FD frames, which leads to error frames visualized inside of the CANoe Trace view. The observed behavior on the bus is regardless of the bitrate and occurs also in the arbitration phase....
2019-02-20 rating Views: 7158
2020-03-27 Support Request Package for MICROSAR 3 or MICROSAR 4 Projects
This video shows how to create a Support Request Package and how to send it to Vector. See how to create the Support Request Package for a MICROSAR 4 project, using DaVinci Configurator Pro or for a MICROSAR 3 project using GENy. After the generation of the Support Request Package, it is...
2020-03-27 rating Views: 2328
2019-02-12 Postbuild-Selectable Projects: Error Message Caused by Conflicting CompuMethods in the Input ARXML Files
Issue: If there are different compuMethods for a SystemSignal in the Input files and it is a Postbuild-Selectable project, this error may occur: [Warning] Two CompuScales from "/VariantDefinition/Criterion/Communication == 0" and "/VariantDefinition/Criterion/Communication == 1" are simply...
2019-02-12 rating Views: 647
2018-06-12 SIP License Incorrect Checksum
Issue: The DaVinci Configurator Pro (Version 5.x) shows the error message License file of SIP has no valid checksum. during startup. Solution: Replace the SipLicense.lic with the original one that was delivered with the Vector SIP and make sure your revision control system e.g. SVN treats...
2018-06-12 rating Views: 590
2018-06-19 Using the MICROSAR Safe Silence Verifier (MSSV) with Microsoft Windows 10
Issue: I have updated my PC to Windows 10. Now I cannot run MIROSAR Safe Silent Verifier (MSSV). The feedback is, that my windows version is not supported. Solution: Execute the MSSV using Windows Compatibility mode [1]. This ensures that safety measures according to ISO26262 are still...
2018-06-19 rating Views: 477
2018-06-12 SIP License Expired
Issue: Error message SIP license has expired on 20xx-xx-xx of DaVinci Configurator Pro (Version 5.x) Solution: Please contact your Vector PES Sales representative to discuss the possibility of a license extension and to request the extension. Background: Evaluation Bundles as well as...
2018-06-12 rating Views: 446
2018-04-25 MISRA Error for Optimized Rte Interface Implemented by a Macro
Issue: Generated Rte macros (Rte interfaces) are identified to violate MISRA rules during static code analyzes. Solution: According to AUTOSAR SWS of the Rte [1] the deviation to MISRA rule 42 is accepted (SRS_BSW_00330). According to the specification, function-like macros are allowed that use...
2018-04-25 rating Views: 407
2019-01-30 High CPU Load Caused by Client/Server Interfaces
Client/Server Interfaces, an Often-Unexpected Reason for High CPU Load In multi-partition configurations, Client/Server interfaces can have a significant contribution to the CPU load. The reason is the implementation of the server invocation in different scenarios. First Scenario –...
2019-01-30 rating Views: 379
2019-01-30 Too High CPU Load
Issue: The usage of inline functions is a valid design pattern in MICROSAR 4 Base Software. This however, may lead to high CPU load if the compiler is not allowed to perform inlining. Solution: It is therefore highly recommended to allow the compiler code inlining on the the BSW modules, to...
2019-01-30 rating Views: 333
2019-04-29 Component <Det> Is Not Assigned to an OS Application
Issue: The RTE generation fails because the RTE generator raises error RTE13009 – Component is not assigned to an OS Application. Solution: There are two ways to solve this issue: Define an EcucPartition for the BSW Open the Basic Editor and create the EcucPartitionCollection...
2019-04-29 rating Views: 207