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apple banana
Find rows that contain at least one of the two words.

+apple +juice
Find rows that contain both words.

+apple macintosh
Find rows that contain the word 'apple', but rank rows higher if they also contain 'macintosh'.

+apple -macintosh
Find rows that contain the word 'apple' but not 'macintosh'.

+apple ~macintosh
Find rows that contain the word 'apple', but if the row also contains the word 'macintosh', rate it lower than if row does not. This is "softer" than a search for '+apple -macintosh', for which the presence of 'macintosh' causes the row not to be returned at all.

+apple +(>turnover >strudel)
Find rows that contain the words 'apple' and 'turnover', or 'apple' and 'strudel' (in any order), but rank 'apple turnover' higher than 'apple strudel'.

Find rows that contain words such as 'apple', 'apples', 'applesauce', or 'applet'.

"some words"
Find rows that contain the exact phrase 'some words' (for example, rows that contain 'some words of wisdom' but not "some noise words").

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Basics and (Un)Installation
2018-11-07 Assigning Software Channels to Hardware Channels
All Vector Tools require channel assignment to specify which Hardware interface has to be used. When installing tools and hardware from Vector, this assignment should be done automatically. However, if a change needs to be made, use the following method: Open Vector Hardware Config from...
2018-11-07 rating Views: 26225
2019-04-29 CANape Versions and Supported Hardware
This document provides an overview about the CANape Versions and Supported Hardware.
2019-04-29 rating Views: 6101
2019-01-21 Limitations of the CANape Demo Version
The Demo version can be run without CAN hardware or with a CAN hardware that is not licensed for CANape. The limitations of the Demo version are: The Demo version cannot store configuration files. The measurement duration is limited ("Disk full" message). Also the number of measurement signals...
2019-01-21 rating Views: 5245
2019-12-18 How to Install Vector Software Tools
Below you find PDF installation guides for several Vector software products. Please refer to the appropriate product version: Installation of CANape How to Install CANape (up to Version 17.0 SP1) How to Install CANape (from Version 17.0 SP2 on) Installation of CANoe/CANalyzer How to...
2019-12-18 rating Views: 4210
2018-09-17 Silent Installation of CANape
Info For IT departments who want to install Vector CANape silently on target machines using software deployment systems, we provide an installation guide with detailed information. This document (AdministrationInstallationManual_CANape.pdf) is located under ISSetupPrerequisites/Documentation on...
2018-09-17 rating Views: 2745
2018-12-06 Supported MATLAB and Compiler Versions
This document contains the compiler compatibility matrix for Vector CANape RT-Target (DLL)
2018-12-06 rating Views: 2378
2018-08-28 CANape/vSignalyzer Started as Demo Version after Service Pack Update
Issue: CANape/vSignalyzer software has been updated by downloading the service pack from the website and CANape/vSignalyzer now is a demo version. How to get a licensed version? Solution: All service packs must be installed by an existing license copy of CANape/vSignalyzer. If no license...
2018-08-28 rating Views: 2306
2018-09-10 Displaying Measurement File Specific Information in Windows Explorer
Question: How to show measurement file specific information for MDF and BLF files directly in the Windows Explorer? Answer: Measurement file specific information of MDF and BLF files can be displayed in the Windows Explorer as a tool tip, see: Or you can expand the Windows Explorer list...
2018-09-10 rating Views: 1968
2019-04-24 Version Related Compatibility Matrix for Measurement and Calibration Tool Chain
This document provides an overview about the Vector Tools CANape, ASAP2 Toolset, A2L Editor and ASAP2 Studio like illustrated in this picture:
2019-04-24 rating Views: 1356
2019-05-28 CANape 14 Crashes Because of a Running Instance of the Tool “PC Optimizer Pro”
Issue: CANape 14 crashes because of a running instance of the tool “PC Optimizer Pro” Solution: The „OptProCrash.dll” of the Tool “PC Optimizer Pro” causes a crash of the CANape14 Setup. Please kill the corresponding process of the Optimizer Pro instance and retry installing...
2019-05-28 rating Views: 1036