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2020-01-13 How to Share Memory Blocks Between Application and Bootloader
Question: How can I share memory blocks between the application and the bootloader? Answer: You need one configuration of memory stack for the application and one configuration of memory stack for the bootloader. Both configurations must share the same physical dataflash sectors. ...
2020-01-13 rating Views: 1731
2020-04-17 Standard Fee and SmallSectorFee
Question: Why does Vector offer two different Fee implementations, MICROSAR Standard Fee and SmallSectorFee? Answer: An obvious Fee implementation is to split the whole available flash memory into two logical sectors. Starting at the first logical sector, every new version of data will be...
2020-04-17 rating Views: 1034
2020-04-17 Reading or Writing a Block Takes a Long Time with MICROSAR Standard Fee
Issue: In some cases, the MICROSAR Standard Fee needs a long time for reading or writing a block. Solution: The physical characteristics of the flash technology require a dynamic memory allocation for the Fee. To organize the dynamic memory allocation, the MICROSAR Standard Fee uses so called...
2020-04-17 rating Views: 896
2019-05-02 Cancel or Kill NvM_WriteAll to Reach Required Start-Up Times
Issue: Cancel or kill NvM_WriteAll for a fast restart of the ECU because of a noticed wake-up during processing NvM_WriteAll. Solution: If a wake-up during processing NvM_WriteAll occurs, in many cases the ECU has to reach a fast start-up time. The first message on the bus is required to be...
2019-05-02 rating Views: 667
2019-11-06 How to Interpret Return Values of MICROSAR NvM
Question: How can I interpret return values of MICROSAR NvM? Answer: Mostly the NvM maps the result delivered by the underlying abstraction directly to the NvM result as follows: MemIf_JobResultType NvM_RequestResultType MEMIF_JOB_OK NVM_REQ_OK ...
2019-11-06 rating Views: 644
2020-04-17 Pending Memory Blocks Never Finish
Issue: One or more memory blocks stay pending and will never finish. Solution: There are many possible reasons why one or more memory blocks stay pending during processing and will never finish. Often it is a matter of configuration. Either the user has forgotten to enable Job End and Job Error...
2020-04-17 rating Views: 575
2020-05-14 Update of Block Configuration
Question: What happens if block configuration shall be updated? Answer: From NvM’s point of view, after a configuration update the NvM only reads blocks with parameter NvMResistantToChangedSw set to true. From FEE’s point of view, it is possible to add and remove blocks and to update...
2020-05-14 rating Views: 460
2020-05-14 Background Sector Switch Execution
Question: How can I influence Background Sector Switch (BSS) Execution? Answer: A BSS can be controlled via using Fee_SetMode API. In case the mode is set to MEMIF_MODE_FAST, the FEE is not allowed to execute a sector switch in the background. If the mode is set to MEMIF_MODE_SLOW, the FEE is...
2020-05-14 rating Views: 423
2020-04-17 Under-/Overvoltage Conditions During Memory Write Operations
Question: What happens if there are under-/overvoltage conditions during memory write operations? Answer: A write operation out of operating voltage can lead to an unpredictable state of the flash cell (e.g. a brown out, see the notes below). To avoid an unpredictable behavior, writing should...
2020-04-17 rating Views: 422
2020-04-17 Recommended Main Function Cycle Times for Memory Stack
Question: Which Main Function Cycle Times can be recommended for the Memory Stack? Answer: For the NvM_MainFuction, 10ms are enough for most projects. A faster cycle time like 5ms has only a very small benefit compared to the costs of runtime. Depending on the amount of data to be written...
2020-04-17 rating Views: 412