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YouTube videos showing how to use sepecific features or perform tasks of VectorCAST
2019-10-02 “Function” as Coverage Type
A new coverage type, Function coverage, is available in VectorCAST version 2019 SP1. Its implementation is lightweight, making it especially suitable for customers using ISO-26262 Industry mode. Function coverage type is supported only for C/C++ Unit Test and System Testing environments. A...
2019-10-02 rating Views: 89
2019-10-02 License Locked Due to Network Disconnect
Issue: A VectorCAST license remains in use and cannot be again checked out when undocking a laptop or disconnecting a machine from the network. Solution: From a license release standpoint, VectorCAST will release a target RSP license as soon as an environment is closed. A host license,...
2019-10-02 rating Views: 56
2019-10-02 Report VectorCAST License Availability
Question: How do I get a report of the licenses I have installed, available, and in use? Answer: On Windows, open a command prompt and type: %VECTORCAST_DIR%\flexlm\lmutil lmstat -a -c <port@server> On Linux, at a shell prompt run: $VECTORCAST_DIR/flexlm/lmutil lmstat -a -c...
2019-10-02 rating Views: 54
2019-10-02 Create VectorCAST License Restrictions
Question: How can I create restrictions on which clients/users can check out a VectorCAST license? Answer: The FLEXlm utility that is used for license management of the VectorCAST product allows the ability to create an options (.opt) file, which allows the license administrator to control...
2019-10-02 rating Views: 44
2019-09-16 VectorCAST Configuration for VxWorks 7
Support Note: The Support Note VectorCAST Configuration for VxWorks 7 outlines the procedure for configuring VectorCAST using Wind River VxWorks 7.
2019-09-16 rating Views: 40
2019-10-02 Port Configuration for License Access with Firewalls
Issue: We need to have static ports that allow remote users to check out licenses. When the firewall is activated it is not possible to check out a license. With the firewall enabled, when lmgrd starts it uses the assigned port specified on the SERVER line of the license file, but there is an...
2019-10-02 rating Views: 36
2019-10-02 Using LMTools to Run Multiple FLEXlm License Services on Windows
Issue: I have several products that use FLEXlm licensing and they each require me to run a different version of the FLEXlm server. Is this possible on Windows? Solution: In order to configure LMTOOLS to check out multiple licenses for different tools, you will need to create a separate...
2019-10-02 rating Views: 30
2019-10-02 Configuring VectorCAST Licensing to Use Fixed Ports
Question: I have an issue with VectorCast changing a license port dynamically, which isn't playing fair with the firewall rule, or could be conflicting with other FLEXlm products. How can we configure so that the lmgrd and vendor daemon ports are the same every time? We saw that the daemon was...
2019-10-02 rating Views: 27