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Measurement and Calibration of ECUs
2019-01-21 Recommended Map File Format to Update A2L
Question: Which map file format is recommended to update A2L? Answer: A map-file in *.map format does not contain enough information for structured datatypes, bit position, several elements of a structure. Therefore we recommend to use other map-formats, e. g. ELF32 formats like *.elf, *.out...
2019-01-21 rating Views: 35413
2019-01-17 A2L Creation from CANape
Question: How do I create an A2L file from CANape? Answer: see Application Note
2019-01-17 rating Views: 13317
2019-01-21 Steps to Use Seed&Key Option in CANape
Seed&Key DLL structure: To prevent access to ECU data by unauthorized persons, some ECUs have access protection. This access protection can be activated by a "Seed&Key" mechanism. This mechanism is designed in such a matter that the measurement and calibration system first requests a...
2019-01-21 rating Views: 12328
2019-05-27 Differences in A2L Handling between CANape and CANoe . XCP
There are differences between CANape and CANoe Option XCP regarding the A2L handling: CANoe does not allow editing of A2L files. Therefore most of the communication settings in A2L file need to match the parameters of the ECU. On the other hand, CANape can work with incomplete files and allows...
2019-05-27 rating Views: 7983
2018-09-27 CCP and XCP Sample Implementation
A sample CCP and XCP implementation can be downloaded from the website. (Download Center, Products: CANape, Categories: Demos) This file contains a sample CCP and XCP driver implementation with documentation on how to integrate the CCP or XCP driver with an existing application. Please note,...
2018-09-27 rating Views: 4618
2018-08-28 How to Increase the Accuracy of the Polling Time?
Question: How to increase the accuracy of the polling time? Answer: To increase the accuracy of the polling time, from the CANape menu select: Tools | Options. Then select the Driver from the list on the left hand side. Check the option Increased real time ability. Then, you need to save...
2018-08-28 rating Views: 2380
2019-07-15 Time Periods During Offline Analysis in CANape
Time periods from signals If a function is used in CANape as a virtual file channel for the purpose of offline analysis, it is possible to choose a sampling rate for processing this function. Especially if you have input parameters for this function which were measured with different sample...
2019-07-15 rating Views: 1980
2019-05-20 Displaying a Working Point
Question: What are the prerequisites for displaying a working point within a characteristic map or curve window? Background: A working point is defined as either one (for a curve) or two (for a MAP) input quantities which show the current output value in the curve or map window. The...
2019-05-20 rating Views: 1467
2019-05-28 Download Failed When no CLEAR_MEMORY Command Is Sent
Issue: When flashing over CCP, an error message occurs „Download Failed“. No CLEAR_MEMORY command is sent. Solution: Please check the following settings: Open Device Configuration and click on Memory Flash. Change Concatenation to false: Now try to flash the ECU again and check if...
2019-05-28 rating Views: 518
2019-02-05 Sending and Receiving XCP RAW CTO Frames
Question: How can I send and receive XCP Raw CTO frames with CASL? Answer: With CASL not only diagnostic messages can be sent but also XCP CTOs. Using the standard approach also used with diagnose (using DiagRaw Messages, see example) the user can send XCP commands and access raw data of...
2019-02-05 rating Views: 370