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apple banana
Find rows that contain at least one of the two words.

+apple +juice
Find rows that contain both words.

+apple macintosh
Find rows that contain the word 'apple', but rank rows higher if they also contain 'macintosh'.

+apple -macintosh
Find rows that contain the word 'apple' but not 'macintosh'.

+apple ~macintosh
Find rows that contain the word 'apple', but if the row also contains the word 'macintosh', rate it lower than if row does not. This is "softer" than a search for '+apple -macintosh', for which the presence of 'macintosh' causes the row not to be returned at all.

+apple +(>turnover >strudel)
Find rows that contain the words 'apple' and 'turnover', or 'apple' and 'strudel' (in any order), but rank 'apple turnover' higher than 'apple strudel'.

Find rows that contain words such as 'apple', 'apples', 'applesauce', or 'applet'.

"some words"
Find rows that contain the exact phrase 'some words' (for example, rows that contain 'some words of wisdom' but not "some noise words").

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Basics and (Un)Installation
2019-10-29 Creating a Batch Script to Start VectorCAST
Question: How to create a .bat file with needed settings to start VectorCAST? Answer: In order to create a quick launch batch script that will start VectorCAST with all of settings needed to support a user's setup, there are some necessary options that will need to be set. The following is an...
2019-10-29 rating Views: 87
2019-11-05 VectorCAST Silent Install in Windows
Question: We have a large installed base for VectorCAST for Windows. It would be advantageous if we could kick off a batch job to install VectorCAST on a particular machine, rather than having to step through the prompts. Answer: There are two parts to a silent installation of VectorCAST....
2019-11-05 rating Views: 76
2019-11-05 VectorCAST Runtime Support for Ubuntu 14.04
Issue: The 64-bit version of the Ubuntu 14.04 operating system no longer comes with the 32-bit runtime support packages required for running VectorCAST. Solution: In order to get VectorCAST to correctly launch using this operating system, please run the following commands to install the...
2019-11-05 rating Views: 65
2019-10-24 Automatic VectorCAST with Build Servers from Workstation
The customer has a Linux build server that gets accessed from a Windows workstation. All operations from a user standpoint is executing from the workstation, including downloading to the target. Files are available in a shared folder (Samba). A full remote build from Windows by installing...
2019-10-24 rating Views: 54
2019-10-23 Automatic Install VectorCAST in Windows
Question: We have a large installed base for VectorCAST for Windows. It would be advantageous if we could kick off a batch job to install VectorCAST on a particular machine, rather than having to step through the prompts. Can I program VectorCAST to install itself? Answer: (Windows only) ...
2019-10-23 rating Views: 53
2019-11-07 Supporting Spaces in Paths
Question: I want to install VectorCAST in the C:\Program Files\VCAST directory on Windows. Is this supported? Answer: It is important to understand where spaces are allowed: The VectorCAST installation directory can have spaces in its path. Directories (search directories and library...
2019-11-07 rating Views: 52
2019-10-29 How VectorCAST Determines Code Complexity
Question: How does VectorCAST determine code complexity? Answer: VectorCAST uses the McCabe Cyclcomatic Complexity algorithm to calculate the number of Basis Paths (using V(g) for the representation) through a subprogram. This is a fairly straightforward algorithm that basically counts the...
2019-10-29 rating Views: 45
2019-11-13 Using a User-Defined Execute Command
Question: I am trying to get the VectorCAST test harness to run on a new target that is not supported by an existing VectorCAST compiler template. Is it possible for me to customize the Execute Command option to do a complex series of actions? Answer: Yes. When you execute a test in...
2019-11-13 rating Views: 39
2019-10-30 Generating Coverage Data Results for Selective Tests
Question: When generating coverage data reports, the coverage data is displayed for all tests in my environment. How do I get the aggregate coverage report to display coverage data for only the selected test case(s) or test result(s), instead of all tests? Answer: A user has the ability to view...
2019-10-30 rating Views: 37
2019-11-05 Sharing Custom Tools Amongst VectorCAST Users
Question: I have configured a couple of Custom Tools in VectorCAST, but I would like all the users in my unit testing group to have access to them. How can I do that? Answer: Custom tools can be shared with other users without also sharing other GUI options, such as the recent environment...
2019-11-05 rating Views: 34