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VN8900 Family
2019-06-24 CAN Highspeed Loop Test
Requirements: A Vector CAN Interface Two Highspeed CAN transceivers* CANcable1 or a cable with two D-SUB9 connectors* Two 120 Ohm resistors Connect the CAN Highspeed channels and start Loop3.exe. The necessary test programs are part of the Vector Driver Setup Files and located...
2019-06-24 rating Views: 6371
2020-01-20 How to Flash VN8900 / VT6000 / VN8810 Image
This article describes how to flash the image to a VN8900 series interface, aVT6000 module or a VN8810 intelligent diagnostic device. Note: An update or recovery of the operating system will delete all licenses that are based on the Vector License Client (New Vector License Model). Please...
2020-01-20 rating Views: 5094
2019-07-15 Install Drivers on VN8910(A)/VN8911/VN8912(A)/VN8914 Using the Vector Platform Manager
Question: How do I install drivers on a VN89xx? Background: The VN89xx runs as a distributed real-time system when being used with CANoe (see below note for CANoe 11.0 and VN8910(A)). As the simulation runs directly on the VN89xx base module, the drivers for the VN89xx USB client and IP server,...
2019-07-15 rating Views: 4692
2018-09-20 VN8910/VN8910A: USB to RS232 Adapter
Question: Which USB to RS232/RS422/RS485 adapter for VN8910/VN8910A can be used? Answer: Requirements: Vector has successfully tested several USB to RS232 converters which contained the following chipsets: Prolific (PL2303) or FTDI (FT232) Adapter. Additionally, VN8910/VN8910A needs to...
2018-09-20 rating Views: 3522
2019-07-15 Using Multiple Interfaces with a VN8910(A)/VN8911/VN8912(A)/VN8914 in CANoe
Question: How to use multiple interfaces with a VN89xx in CANoe? Background: The VN89xx runs as a distributed real-time system when being used with CANoe (see note below for CANoe 11.0 and VN8910(A)). As the simulation runs directly on the VN89xx base module, it does not see any other...
2019-07-15 rating Views: 2474
2019-03-29 VN89xx in Standalone Mode Simultaneous with XL Driver Library
Support Note: This Support Note provides you an example how to configure VN8900 with CANoe demo example “CANoe.CAN Easy” in Standalone mode with simultaneous use of XL Driver Library.
2019-03-29 rating Views: 2273
2018-11-30 VN8900 with CANoe 8.0 – 8.5 Unable to Load CDD
Issue: After start of measurement CANoe shows the error message cannot load diagnostic description. VN8900 stands for VN8910, VN8910A and VN8912 devices. Solution: Follow these steps to update the VN8900 and CANoe in order to load the CDD file: Download the most recent Standalone...
2018-11-30 rating Views: 2185
2019-10-21 Error Message: One or More Diagnostics Descriptions Cannot Be Loaded in RT Part
For CANoe 9.0 to 11.0 If you cannot start your measurement using a VN89xx device: This error message in CANoe’s Write window can have two different causes: You are using an extremely large PDX which failed to be unzipped on the RT part since it would need more than 3 GB when...
2019-10-21 rating Views: 2132
2018-04-18 Can I Use the VN8900 Eth Input together with a VN5610(A) to Send/Receive Ethernet Frames?
Question: Can I use the VN8900 Eth Input together with a VN5610(A) to send/receive Ethernet frames? Answer: Yes, you can. The VN5610(A) shall be connected to the VN8900 via USB and configured using the Vector Hardware Configuration like indicated below: Previously, the VN5610(A) Driver...
2018-04-18 rating Views: 1739
2020-01-07 Vector Interfaces Supported by VN8900
This document provides an overview about the compatibility of Vector interfaces on the USB connection (or Ethernet connection for VX1100 interfaces) with the VN8900 hardware like illustrated in this picture:
2020-01-07 rating Views: 1084