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VT System
2020-01-30 Getting Started with VT6000 and VT6104/6204/6306
Enclosed you will find a Guide to Getting Started with VT6000 and VT6104/6204/6306.
2020-01-30 rating Views: 4918
2019-06-27 VT Firmware Update Instruction
This document describes, how to update the firmware on VT System modules. Check, if your computer is connected to the VT System backplane by the ethernet connection. Close all applications which may try to connect to the VT System (for example CANoe). Start the VT System Firmware Updater...
2019-06-27 rating Views: 2079
2020-01-10 Which Protocols does VT2710 Support?
Question: Which protocols and bus systems can I use with CANoe and VT2710? Answer: The following bus systems are supported: VT2710 Option .Sensor for execution of CANoe measurements PSI5 CANoe 9.0 SP3 and above Required SENT CANoe 9.0 SP3 and above ...
2020-01-10 rating Views: 1899
2019-04-02 No Connection to VT6000 Realtime Module (VT6010, VT6011, VT6050, VT6050A, VT6051, VT6051A)
Issue: No network connection can be established to a VT6000 realtime module. Error messages similar to this appear: Possible causes: TCP/IP communication with the module is blocked or misconfigured Control Service or runtime kernel not running Issues with the software image Hardware...
2019-04-02 rating Views: 1810
2019-09-11 Smart Charge Communication (SCC) with VT System
Support Note: This Support Note describes how to configure CANoe and the VT System for Smart Charge Communication.
2019-09-11 rating Views: 1193
2019-06-07 How to Use the VT Module’s User Programmable FPGA
This article gives a step-by-step instruction how to create a system variable that is then used for the communication between CANoe on one side and the VT module, where it has been computed by the built-in FPGA, on the other side. Question: How can I generate and use system variables for my...
2019-06-07 rating Views: 811
2019-07-30 Generation of License Report File (VT System)
Support Note: This Support Note shows you how to generate a license report for devices (VT6104/VT6204 and Vector USB interfaces) which are connected to a VT6000 series module and how to update the licenses on devices which are connected to the VT6000 series module.
2019-07-30 rating Views: 482
2020-02-07 Standalone Logging CANoe/CANalyzer in Standalone Mode on VN8900 or VT System
Question: How can I create logging files during Standalone Mode? Answer: The Standalone Logging has to be configured in the dialog: CANoe/CANalyzer | Home | Vector Tool Platform for CANoe/CANalyzer ≥ 12.0 CANoe/CANalyzer | Home | Standalone Mode for CANoe/CANalyzer < 12.0 and ≥...
2020-02-07 rating Views: 275
2020-01-08 VH6501 Segment Length Calculation
Question: How can I calculate the segment length for VH6501 disturbance interface based on CAN bit rate? Answer: Example calculation for CAN bus bit rate of 500 kbit/s: 1 FPGA tick of the VH6501 Hardware takes 6.25 ns (nanoseconds), which leads with a bit rate of 500 kbit/s to a bit...
2020-01-08 rating Views: 206
2019-09-23 How to Simulate Sensors with Resistances > 250 kΩ with the VT System
Question: Can Vector support the simulation of a sensor with more than 250 kΩ resistance with a card for VT system (while VT2004A supports sensor simulation up to 250 kΩ)? Answer: A higher resistance can be achieved when two channels of a VT2004A card are connected in series. For...
2019-09-23 rating Views: 192