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2018-11-05 Converting a CAN database into a CAN FD database
Question: How to modify a CAN database so it can be used to send CAN FD frames on a CAN FD bus? Answer: CAN FD frames (messages) require some additional attributes compared to CAN frames. These attributes need to be added to the database. The template CAN_FD Template.dbc contains the...
2018-11-05 rating Views: 82
2018-10-25 Error Frames When Using CAN-FD
Question/Problem: Using CAN-FD results in error frames in the CANoe trace window The ECU is sending CAN-FD frames, which leads to error frames visualized inside of the CANoe Trace view. The observed behavior on the bus is regardless of the bitrate and occurs also in the arbitration phase....
2018-10-25 rating Views: 1686
2017-09-20 Transceivers for CAN FD
Question: Which CAN transceivers used with Vector network interfaces support CAN FD? Answer: Vector provides the TJA1051 and the TJA1057G transceivers for CAN FD. Both transceivers comply to ISO11898-2:2016 and support CAN FD for up to 2 Mbit/s for in-vehicle communication and up to 5...
2017-09-20 rating Views: 1814
2017-02-15 CAN FD: Measuring and Reprogramming
CAN with a flexible data rate (CAN FD) is a technological evolution of the CAN network. It provides more bandwidth than CAN with less complexity than FlexRay. The network specialists at Vector investigated two typical applications, measurement of ECU internal signals via XCP and ECU reprogramming,...
2017-02-15 rating Views: 2702
2018-04-30 Vector Network Interfaces for CAN FD
Question: Which Vector network interfaces support CAN FD? Answer: VN16xx family, VN8970, VN8972, VN7570, VN7572, VN56xx family, VT6104A, VT6204, and VN7610, VN7640, VN8810, VX0312 support CAN FD All newly developed CAN interfaces will also support CAN FD. Note 1: Unfortunately the...
2018-04-30 rating Views: 4608
2017-04-10 Vector Tools for CAN FD
Question: Which Vector Tools support CAN FD? Answer: CAN FD DBC database suppport: CANoe/CANalyzer full CAN FD protocol support since version 8.1 (non ISO FD) CANoe/CANalyzer full CAN FD support for ISO 11898-1:2015 since version 8.5 (ISO CAN FD) CANoe Option SCOPE CAN FD decode support...
2017-04-10 rating Views: 6790
2017-02-15 DBC Databases for CAN FD?
Question: Can DBC databases be used for CAN FD with 64 bytes? Answer: Yes, DBC format and CANdb++ editor fully support CAN FD since CANoe/CANalyzer 8.1. PREEvision supports CAN FD network design based on DBC since version 7.0.
2017-02-15 rating Views: 3049
2017-05-18 Software Components for CAN FD
Question: Are there software components (ECU software) available for CAN FD? Answer: Vector’s AUTOSAR solution MICROSAR supports CAN FD Vector’s embedded solution CANbedded supports CAN FD For further information concerning software components please contact your Vector sales...
2017-05-18 rating Views: 1372
2018-04-30 Support of ISO 11898-1:2015 for CAN FD
Question: When do Vector products support ISO 11898-1:2015 for CAN FD? Answer: CANoe/CANalyzer with version 8.5 (Q1/2015) A list of supported Vector network devices can be found in KnowledgeBase article: Driver for ISO CAN FD and NON ISO CAN FD
2018-04-30 rating Views: 2534
2016-08-18 How Can I Generate a CAN FD Frame with BRS Enabled?
Question: How can I activate the Bit Rate Switch (BRS)? Answer: The BRS bit decides whether the optional higher bit rate in the data phase of a CAN FD frame is used. Both, arbitration and data phase bit rate are configured in the Network Hardware Configuration. If a DBC database is used...
2016-08-18 rating Views: 2747