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2020-05-25 Error Frames When Using CAN-FD
Question/Problem: Using CAN-FD results in error frames in the CANoe trace window The ECU is sending CAN-FD frames, which leads to error frames visualized inside of the CANoe Trace view. The observed behavior on the bus is regardless of the bitrate and occurs also in the arbitration phase....
2020-05-25 rating Views: 7966
2019-03-13 How to Generate a CAN FD Frame with BRS Enabled
Question: How can I activate the Bit Rate Switch (BRS)? Answer: The BRS bit decides whether the optional higher bit rate in the data phase of a CAN FD frame is used. Both, arbitration and data phase bit rate are configured in the Network Hardware Configuration. If a DBC database is used...
2019-03-13 rating Views: 6535
2019-07-15 Importance of the Sample Point Configuration in a CAN FD Network
The correct sample point configuration is very important with CAN FD networks. The reason is the Bit Rate Switch (BRS). In order to indicate a switch of the bit rate the BRS bit is sent recessively. The first part of a CAN FD frame, until the BRS bit is transmitted with the NOMINAL BIT RATE. The...
2019-07-15 rating Views: 5863
2019-06-17 How to Adjust a FD Baudrate with the XL Driver Library
Question: How to adjust a FD baud rate using the XL Driver Library (see chapter 5.4.1 in the manual and CAN FD demo samples) Answer: The following values are required in: Arbitration: Baud rate: 5 kB…2 Mbit (depending on the transceiver) tseg1, tseg2: < 255 ...
2019-06-17 rating Views: 5278
2019-05-10 Driver for ISO CAN FD and NON ISO CAN FD Combined
For a selection of Vector network devices drivers are available with the capability that allow to switch between ISO CAN FD and NON ISO CAN FD mode using the Vector Network Hardware Configuration (starting with CANoe 9.0). There is no need to install different drivers for ISO or NON ISO CAN FD...
2019-05-10 rating Views: 4691
2019-08-09 Transceivers for CAN FD
Question: Which CAN transceivers used with Vector network interfaces support CAN FD? Answer: Vector provides the TJA1051 and the TJA1057G transceivers for CAN FD. Both transceivers comply to ISO11898-2:2016 and support CAN FD for up to 2 Mbit/s for in-vehicle communication and up to 5...
2019-08-09 rating Views: 4564
2019-04-10 Wake-Up Pattern in CAN / CAN FD Networks
Wake-Up Pattern Definition in ISO 11898-5:2007 A wake-up is defined as 1 to n dominant levels of at least tFilter separated by a recessive level. tFilter: 500 ns to 5 μs Dominant network level > 5 μs causes a wake-up 500 ns < dominant network level is filtered 500 ns <...
2019-04-10 rating Views: 3832
2020-05-13 Converting a CAN Database into a CAN FD Database
Question: How to modify a CAN database so it can be used to send CAN FD frames on a CAN FD bus? Answer: CAN FD frames (messages) require some additional attributes compared to CAN frames. These attributes need to be added to the database. The template CAN_FD Template.dbc contains the...
2020-05-13 rating Views: 3148