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2019-03-04 DM1: How to Detail in a Trace Window the DTC According to J1939-73
Question: DM1: How can I correctly display the 19 bit long SPN? Answer: J1939-73 defines the DTC with different fields: In particular the SPN is a 19 bits field (16 first bits for standard values + 3 bits for proprietary values) that have to be transmitted on CAN as following: To...
2019-03-04 rating Views: 6629
2019-08-02 Activation of CANoe/CANalyzer J1939 Functionality
Question: How can I activate/deactivate the J1939 CANoe/CANalyzer functionality? Answer: To activate the J1939 functionality of your CANoe/CANalyzer.J1939 option you just have to assure that at least one DBC of the CANoe/CANalyzer configuration contains the network object’s attribute called...
2019-08-02 rating Views: 3563
2018-10-25 Display of J1939 Signals in Graphics Window
Question: Why are not all values from certain J1939 signals displayed in graphics window? Answer: J1939 signals defined with the attribute “SigType” of value “Discrete” in the database file (DBC) represent discrete values taken from a value table. Especially signals with 2 or 4 bits are...
2018-10-25 rating Views: 3481
2019-03-04 Simulation of J1939 nodes
Support Note: This Support Note describes how to simulate J1939 nodes using the different libraries (dll) that are delivered with CANoe. It first explains the difference between those libraries and then how to find the corresponding CAPL functions. Further it describes how to change the...
2019-03-04 rating Views: 2807
2019-03-04 “New” and “Old” J1939 Database Format
The following explanation is extracted from the CANdb++ Editor Release Notes: "Since CANdb++ 2.7 SP8, an expanded J1939 database format is used. The identifier of a message in the database now contains the complete 29-bit CAN identifier including priority, sender, and destination address. ...
2019-03-04 rating Views: 2780
2018-08-30 Setup of a J1939 Parameter Group (PG)
Question: How to set up a J1939 parameter group (PG)? Answer: In CANdb++ editor create a new message. Select “J1939 PG (ext. ID)” from the ID type dropdown list box. Enter the parameter group number (PGN), for example 0x1234. To enter the details for this PG, click on the “...”...
2018-08-30 rating Views: 2568
2018-10-25 Requirement for the CANoe J1939 Interaction Layer?
Question: What is necessary to use the CANoe J1939 interaction layer (J1939IL)? Answer: The J1939 interaction layer provides functions for automatically sending of J1939 parameter groups (PG) using the J1939 transport protocols where necessary. The user is required to provide some CAPL...
2018-10-25 rating Views: 2229
2019-11-29 Diagnostic with SAE J1939 - Usage of CDD and DBC
The SAE J1939 recommended practice contains several Diagnostic specific frames with DMx as acronym. Some of these frames are used for diagnostic purposes „on-board“, during the drive. They build for instance the input for the central display, informing the driver on actual defects. Most of...
2019-11-29 rating Views: 2072
2019-07-12 Not All Values of a J1939 Signal are Displayed in Data/Graphic Window
Question: Why are some values of a J1939 signal not displayed in Data/Graphic window? Answer: In the Data/Graphic window there is a J1939 Indicator setting available. This setting defines whether the value range of a J1939 signal is considered during measurement. If the J1939 Indicator...
2019-07-12 rating Views: 1950
2018-10-25 Creation of a J1939 Parameter Group (PG)
Question: Why is it not possible to create a J1939 parameter group (PG) but only to create messages with Extended IDs? Answer: In the CAN database file (DBC) the attribute “ProtocolType” of the network has to be set to the value “J1939” in order to have the Vector tools like...
2018-10-25 rating Views: 1548