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Ethernet (IP)
2018-01-22 How to Send an AUTOSAR Signal PDU with CANoe
Question: How can I send an AUTOSAR signal PDU with CANoe? Answer: Create a new Ethernet Configuration based on ASR4_Ethernet template. Attach the ARXML to the network Add two nodes in the Simulation Setup and configure each node: To use the AUTOSAR Interaction Layer To achieve...
2018-01-22 rating Views: 6822
2019-09-09 Is it Possible to Use a DBC for Ethernet Configuration?
Question: Is it possible to use a DBC for Ethernet configuration? Answer: Yes it is, but a Signal Protocol DLL is necessary for sending and interpreting in Trace/Data/Graphic Window the Ethernet signals that have been previously defined within a DBC database. Note 1: You need the Ethernet...
2019-09-09 rating Views: 5949
2019-12-06 How Can I Edit an ARXML Ethernet Database?
Question: I cannot edit an Ethernet database (ARXML file) with AUTOSAR Network Explorer. Which tool can I use? How can I edit an Ethernet database (ARXML file)? Answer: The ARXML formats used by OEMs slightly differ from one another. Therefore these databases cannot be edited by the...
2019-12-06 rating Views: 5905
2019-01-30 CANoe.Ethernet and VN891X Devices in Standalone Mode
The following article informs about the system requirements and restrictions with CANoe.Ethernet and VN891X devices. System requirements: CANoe 8.0 with latest service pack is necessary (>8.0 SP2) for VN8910(A) devices CANoe minimum version depends on VN891X device Last operating system...
2019-01-30 rating Views: 4924
2019-12-13 Difference between PCAP, PCAPNG and CANoe Specific BLF Logging Format
Question: What is the difference between PCAP, PCAPNG and the CANoe specific BLF logging format? Answer: The PCAP format has been defined to capture network traffic. A PCAP file only contains Ethernet frames. A PCAPNG file that has been recorded with CANoe/CANalyzer additionally contains...
2019-12-13 rating Views: 3421
2019-08-07 Is it Possible to Edit FIBEX for Ethernet with Vector FIBEX Explorer Pro?
Question: Is it possible to edit FIBEX for Ethernet with Vector FIBEX Explorer Pro? Answer: No, it is not. As AUTOSAR format ARXML will in long term replace the FIBEX format for Ethernet based network description, no development effort has been made in extending the Vector FIBEX Explorer Pro...
2019-08-07 rating Views: 2461
2020-01-22 Ethernet and COM Interface
Issue: You want to send/receive Ethernet packets using the COM interface/COM server. Solution: It is not possible to send or receive Ethernet packets using the COM server. Ethernet packets shall rather be sent/received with CAPL/C# modules implemented in simulation or test nodes. This is...
2020-01-22 rating Views: 2363
2018-03-21 Requirements for Using Ethernet Interface with CANoe Option Ethernet and VN891X Devices
The following requirements have to be fulfilled: Current VN891X driver version Last operating system with Ethernet driver on VN891X CANoe 8.0 with latest Service pack is necessary (>8.0 SP2) for VN8910(A) CANoe minimum Version depends on VN891X Device
2018-03-21 rating Views: 2258
2019-09-09 How Can I Filter the Ethernet Frames?
Question: How can I filter the Ethernet Frames? Answer: Beside the hardware independent Early Filtering of Event, there are especially for Ethernet 3 different kinds of filters that might be used for Ethernet frames: Hardware Filters to stop the frames before they are transmitted by the...
2019-09-09 rating Views: 2153
2018-04-18 Can I Use the VN8900 Eth Input together with a VN5610(A) to Send/Receive Ethernet Frames?
Question: Can I use the VN8900 Eth Input together with a VN5610(A) to send/receive Ethernet frames? Answer: Yes, you can. The VN5610(A) shall be connected to the VN8900 via USB and configured using the Vector Hardware Configuration like indicated below: Previously, the VN5610(A) Driver...
2018-04-18 rating Views: 1734