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How to access to Some/IP PDUs

Last updated: 2018-01-18
How can Some/IP PDUs be accessed?

Since CANoe 10 SP4 it is possible to access all Some/IP PDUs using the on PDU * Event handler:

on PDU *
       if (this.LongHeaderID ==0x7D00065  )
        write ("Some/IP PDU received: %x length %d", this.LongHeaderID, this. PduLength);



Keyword this is an untyped PDU object. The data contains the SOME/IP header and payload and no security selectors are available.

If validation in CAPL is required and:

  1. The AUTOSAR CANoeILNL_AUTOSAR_Eth.dll is configured, then the OnAREthProcessRxMessage-Callback can be used to access the secure information of the subscribed services, as indicated by the following code:

    long OnAREthProcessRxMessage (dword messageHandle, long rxChannel)
      dword msgId;

      msgID = AREthGetMessageId (messageHandle);

      if (msgId !=0xFFFF8100)
        char text [200];
        char validationState[10];

         case  0: strncpy( validationState, "NOT-VALIDATED", elcount(validationState) ); break;
         case  1: strncpy( validationState, "PASSED"       ,
    elcount(validationState) ); break;
         case -1: strncpy( validationState, "FAILED"       ,
    elcount(validationState) ); break;
         default: strncpy( validationState, "ERROR"        , elcount(validationState) );

      return 1;

  2. The SomeIP_IL.dll is configured, then the OnSomeIpProcessRxMessage-Callback can be used. Just replace ..AREth…. prefix in the above code by …SomeIP… (i.e. replace AREthGetMessageId by SomeIpGetMessageId).

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