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How to Add a CAN FD-Interface to CDD-File

Last updated: 2020-03-02
How can I add a CAN FD-Interface to my CDD-file?

The interfaces in a CANdela document define how a test system can communicate with the ECU. Each interface contains Communication Parameters that specify communication details.

Please follow these steps to add a CAN FD-Interface:

  • Open your CDD via  File | Open and choose as view type Expert View 
    (only CANdelaStudio Admin supports Expert View):
  • Please also open the ABS_ESP-Example.cdd in Expert View, which is available under:
  • The CAN FD interface in the ABS_ESP-Example.cdd needs to be activated to obtain the Communication Parameters.

    Therefore please switch the Value-setting from not supported to supported and select this interface in the navigation tree afterwards:
  • Mark all Communication Parameters now (<Strg>+<A>) and copy them to the clipboard (<Strg>+<C>).
  • Switch to your CDD-file again and create a New Interface without any default attributes:
  • Paste the Communication Parameters from the ABS_ESP-Example.cdd into your document (<Strg>+<V>).

All necessary CAN FD-Communication Parameters should be available in your CDD now.

Before creating template modifications you should contact your OEM or client whether this modification complies with its standards and procedures.
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