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Usage of Pin 5 (Shield) at CANcable 2Y

Last updated: 2019-05-21
Is the ground wire (pin 5) of the CANcable 2Y connected with the plug collar and the shield?

At the CANcable 2Y, all three ground wires of the connectors (pin 5) are connected to each other, but they have no connection to the cable shield and to the plug collar. In order to dissipate possible couplings on these wires in compliance with EMC regulations, an RC combination between pin 5 and the system ground is provided in the VN devices.

The pin 5 assignment can be found in the descriptions of the respective devices. 

It is not necessary to connect the pin 5 on the customer's device side.


The term shield for pin 5 of the CAN connector complies with the CiA recommendation. In this recommendation pin 5 is indicated as an optional shield connection. 

Future devices might leave this pin open.

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