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VFlash Error: "Flash script dll not supported, e.g. no entry point in flash script(*.dll)" Occurs

Last updated: 2018-11-05
VFlash Error: "Flash script dll not supported, e.g. no entry point in flash script(*.dll)" occurs.

A security function of Windows prevents executing code in a script library: 
If a vFlash project is shared via intranet/internet or a network share, Windows checks where these files originally come from. If the source location is not trusted by Windows it adds a file attribute to the executables of a vFlash project (script dlls) marking these dlls as untrusted. Based on the Windows UAC these dlls may not be loadable by vFlash. Therefore vFlash reports the error “No entry points in flash script (*.dll) found”. 

There are three ways to solve this problem:
  • Distribute the vFlash projects as vFlashPacks – this is the preferred option.
    • Load an existing project in vFlash and export it as a vFlashPack using [File | Export to Pack & Go”]
  • Remove the trust zone file attribute using Windows Explorer.  
    • Locate the “Script.dll” (and optionally other dlls) in the vFlash project directory and open the file properties of the dll(s)
    • Click [Unblock]
  • Contact your IT department to define network share as trusted zone.
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