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How to Integrate End-To-End Protection in MICROSAR

Last updated: 2020-04-08

The configuration of End-to-End Protection has become a little unclear since AUTOSAR foresees two different approaches to protect data, namely E2E protection wrapper and E2E transformer. Therefore a few clarifications shall be given here: 

What is the difference between E2E protection wrapper and transformer solution?
  • The protection mechanisms itself are actually the same. However, the difference is the way how they are integrated into the communication stack. E2EPW is the "old" solution, which was replaced by the newer transformer solution. The reason for creating a new solution is the disadvantage that the E2EPW requires a change of the SWC implementation code.
How to configure E2E protection in DaVinci tools?
  • The E2E protection wrapper will be configured mainly in the DaVinci Developer using the End-to-End Protection view, which is selectable in the menu bar. Like the DataMapping, the End-to-End-Connections reference the delegation ports on ECU level.

    For a dedicated Atomic Port/DataElement it can be activated by the checkbox Uses End-to-End Protection in the communication spec. 
  • The transformer solution will be configured by activating the checkbox Enable Data Transformation in workspace settings of the DaVinci Developer. By this the column Transformed is displayed in the signal view of Data Mapping editor (DaVinci Developer), which shows the type of transformation configured for the corresponding signals/signal groups. 

    Note: the main (End-to-End) transformer configuration is part of the communication description, which is only displayed in the DaVinci Tools, but cannot be changed or extended.

    Additional parameters can be configured in the communication spec (Transformation area), named TransformationComSpec.
  • Note: the E2EXf can only be used in combination with a serializer (ComXf or SomeIpXf). Those modules must be added in DaVinci Configurator Pro.
  • For more detailed information about configuring E2EPW and transformer see this documentation (How to integrate E2E in MICROSAR).
Can E2EPW and transformer exist at the same time?
  • It is not really useful because actually both are doing the same, except the transformer is doing it more elegantly. Theoretically, it would be possible to configure both in parallel. However, this is only possible if the configurations are completely separated by the means of signals, ports, frames, etc..
How does PR-Port prototype and E2E protection match?
  • In general, E2E protection shall not be used at PR-Port prototypes (especially E2E transformer).


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