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MP4 Video Files Cannot Be Replayed in Multimedia Window

Last updated: 2018-04-18

In CANape, after adding a .mp4 video file to a Multimedia Window to replay it, the following error message appears inside the Multimedia Window:

“The multimedia signal 'File-Path.mp4' is deactivated or the selected video source is not available.
Caution: Some later installed codes may make changes to the system, which affect the function of DirectShow-based applications (such as CANape).”

Consequently, it is not possible to replay any .mp4 video.

Install a video decoder which supports the H264 format as well as the DirectShow API.

This error pattern shows up if currently no video decoder is installed on the PC running CANape or if the installed video decoder does not support both the so called H264 format and the DirectShow interface.

It is also important that only one decoder is installed on the CANape-PC at a time as multiple decoders may cancel each other out by having different priority values.

CANape is using the DirectShow interface from Microsoft. The ability to replay a certain video format depends solely on the operating system and the codecs that are installed on it. Media player programs like VLC or Windows Media Player support a lot of codec formats by themselves without necessarily accessing any separate codecs that are installed on the operating system.

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