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Meaning of "J1939 PG (…) on bus not found in database"

Last updated: 2018-04-17
What is the meaning of "J1939 PG (…) on bus not found in database"?

J1939 conformance/compliance test (2008) needs generic messages with 0xFE as SA and DA in the database (dbc), to be able to correctly generate for the conformance test e.g. TPDT, TPCM or address claiming (ACL) messages exchanged with the concerned DUT. 

The best practice is to add the sample J1939 dbc Vector delivers with CANoe installation to your own configuration. It contains all necessary generic messages and complete your dbc. 

However, if you want to use your own dbc instead, you shall assure that these generic messages are included. Just copy in the dbc your dedicated J1939 messages and change the SA and DA of all messages from type PDU1 to both 0xFE. For messages from type PDU2, just change the SA to 0xFE.



From CANoe 11 on, the conformance test has been redesigned. You can choose between the J1939 conformance/compliance test (2015) or (2008) and no generic messages are needed any more. 
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