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How to Analyze the Result of J1939 Conformance/Compliance Test 2008

Last updated: 2018-05-16
How can I analyze the result of my J1939 conformance/compliance test 2008?

The "simplified" display form that is per default set for the result of the compliance test 2008 is actually best suitable for "Management", once the test is finished and all errors are eliminated.

However during the development, it is better before you start the test to switch the report to the "normal" display form as this presentation contains necessary explanations for a deep analysis of the test results. 

The changeover can take place as follows: 

  1. Select Custom Transformation:

  2. Choose onepage.xslt

  3. The test report is now generated in the form where details are also visible: 

In the new compliance test 2015, the detailed form will be set immediately.
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