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Data Recovery Strategy in Case of a Sector Overflow

Last updated: 2018-07-25
How does a data recovery strategy look like in case of a sector overflow?
Only the MICROSAR Standard Fee uses the Sector Switch mechanism.

In case of a sector overflow, there is no space for allocating a new block instance. If the ECU shall be writeable again, a new space is necessary. i.e. one of the two logical Fee sectors has to be erased. Depending on the Fee version, the erase has to be done manually with error callback (Fee version < 6.04.00) or can be done automatically (Fee version >= 6.04.00).

In most cases it is better to erase the newer sector. Erasing the newer sector has the problem that most recent data of some blocks are not available any more, but nearly every ECU has critical and important data stored in the older sector. This is data like Vehicle Identification Number or coding data. That is written only once in the production at end of line and it can be important to keep it. 
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