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Link Problem with BroadR-Reach/100BASE-T1 PHY

Last updated: 2018-09-18

Here you find some hints that will help you to solve the Link down problematic:

1. No link can be set up / Link down is displayed in CANoe Trace

How are the two devices connected to each other?

  • Both lines (P/N see VN5610 manual) must be connected correctly, namely P with P and N with N.

How is the master/slave configuration selected?

  • For BroadR-Reach/100BASE-T1 & 1000BASE-T1 you need a Master and a Slave. If both PHYs are configured identically, no link can be established.

2. A link cannot always be established when disconnecting and reconnecting the cable between the VN5610 and the ECU

  • This problem was solved in driver version 9.8. Which driver version does the customer use? Update drivers, if necessary (see Download Center).

If these hints do no help you further please send us a description of your issue together with a Configuration Report like indicated in KnowledgeBase article Necessary Data to Analyze HW Problem.
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