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Dynamical Access to Signal Names

Last updated: 2018-10-16

My signal names only differs in an index, like channel1, channel2, etc. Is it possible to access the different signal names dynamically in a script instead of accessing each signal with a separate command?


Yes, it is possible to access dynamically to the signals with the help of reference variables.

Here is an example:

function Function ()
  varref ref;
  int i;
  char signal[50];
  double sum;
  sum = 0;
  // loop over signals
  for (i=1; i<=3;i++)
    // loop over channel1, channel2 and channel3
    SPrint(signal, "channel%d", i);
    // assigning a signal to the reference
    XCPsim.GetVariableByName(ref, signal);
    // The reference behaves like a signal
    sum = sum + ref;
  return sum;

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