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Converting a CAN database into a CAN FD database

Last updated: 2018-11-05

How to modify a CAN database so it can be used to send CAN FD frames on a CAN FD bus?


CAN FD frames (messages) require some additional attributes compared to CAN frames. These attributes need to be added to the database.

The template CAN_FD Template.dbc contains the necessary attributes with predefined values for CAN FD.

The following steps will copy these attributes to an existing database:

  1. Start the CANdb++ Editor and open an existing CAN database
  2. Select File | Import Attribute Definitions… to import the attribute definitions from the CAN FD template into the currently loaded database:

    The template is located in the public documents directory. The default path for these templates should look like this: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Vector\CANoe\11.0.42 (x64)\Templates\Database
  3. Verify that the import was successful in the Import - Results window which opens automatically. The window lists the changes in the loaded database:
  4. Save the database

Alternative method: Creation of a CAN FD database base on a template:

  1. Open CANdb++ Editor
  2. Select File | Create Database and select the CAN_FD template.dbc from the list of templates:
  3. Check, that CAN FD is already set as the protocol for the new network:
    • - right clicking on the network
    • - select Edit Network …
    • - on the tab Definition the value CAN FD should already be set as Protocol
  4. Create CAN FD messages by selecting CAN FD Standard for the message Type:
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