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Focus of VH1150 Compared To VH6501

Last updated: 2019-11-08

What is the focal point of VH1150 and VH6501? Which product is more suitable for my task?


The two products differ in their scope. The fields of application are as follows:



  • Ground offset for the power supply of the ECU
  • Analog and digital I/O connections
  • Ground offset of the LIN line
  • Limiting of the recessive level of the LIN line
  • Short circuit and open circuit options for LIN lines
  • Short circuit and open circuit options for CAN


Testing of failure handling on CAN system

  • Error recovery behavior of ECUs
  • Test robustness of ECU against physical disturbances
  • Test behavior of ECUs in case of protocol errors
Analysis of disturbance handling of CAN controllers
  • Disturb CAN signal at sample point (measure the sample point)
  • Check the error behavior of the tested ECU
  • Force frequency deviation on CAN bus
  • Check synchronization of a CAN controller
Digital and analog disturbance configurations
  • Disturb on CAN protocol level – Bit fields, BTL cycles
  • Disturb on CAN physical level – Shortcut against ground, voltage supply, or between CAN lines, include resistors and capacity, swapping of the CAN lines
  • Configuration of recovery breaks
Additional use cases
  • Trigger source for digital oscilloscopes
  • Also works as a standard interface
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