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Possibility to Map Test Requirements to DiVa Test Cases

Last updated: 2019-08-13
Is it possible to map my test requirements to DiVa test cases?

Yes, from CANoe DiVa 10 on, your test requirements might easily be mapped to the DiVa test cases of a finished test report. All you need is a vti-tso (Vector Trace Item -vTESTstudio) file that can be exported from your requirement management system using a free of charge Vector Connection Utility/AddIn. The manually set requirement mapping is stored in the DiVa project. It is still available if you execute the DiVa test again and get a new report. This makes it possible to proceed step by step to a complete requirement mapping.

The Vector Connection Utilities/AddIn can be downloaded from our download center. They are available for several requirement management systems like for instance Polarion ALM, IBM RQM, Doors or PTC Integrity. PREEvision supports the vti-tso export on demand.

Once a vti-tso file configured and the mapping manually done, DiVa provides an additional requirements view to see the result of the requirements mapping into the DiVa HTML report:

You can save the mapped DiVa test cases with their related requirements into:

  • a traceability matrix in a vtc-tso file and/or 
  • the CANoe-XML-report and import them back to your requirement management system using the Vector Connection Utilities/AddIn.


More on requirement mapping with DiVa can be seen in this YouTube video:

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