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How to Distinguish Vector USB Dongle from a Vector Keyman

Last updated: 2020-01-17
How can I distinguish a Vector USB Dongle from a Vector Keyman?

The Vector Keyman (below) is black and smaller than the (above) blue Vector USB Dongle:


Vector uses two dongles to connect via USB for saving license identification. The Vector USB dongle, which is not available any more and the Vector Keyman which is its successor. Please see the differences and characteristics below.

Name Vector USB Dongle Vector Keyman
Art.No. 05022 05080 or 07214
Image Vector USB Dongle Vector Keyman
Serial Number on Blue plastic part, sticker on rear side Metal part, see Detail Photo
Color Blue Black
Usable for Legacy License Model Legacy License Model and New Vector License Model*
* for NVLM a serial number > 3-344000 and firmware version ≥ 3.10 is required
Migration from LLM to NVLM works ... manually via Vector Sales
...through Migrate procedure in Vector License Client.
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