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How to Distinguish Main Vector License Models

Last updated: 2020-01-13
What tools do I need to use for my licensing actions, based on the License Model/License technology?
  • Vector License Client can manage New Vector Licenses (no matter where stored)
  • Vector Hardware Config can manage Hardware-Based Licenses according to the Legacy License Model
  • Vector License Manager can manage Software-Based Licenses according to the Legacy License Model

There are mainly two models (technologies, systems) within Vector to license it’s software products*. Vector software such as CANoe depend mainly on two License models of which the later one was introduced in 2017. Since these models require different workflows and tools they are distinguished as in the following table and diagram:

Legacy License Model
(New) Vector License Model
(introduction started 2017)
Client Tool for
Managing Licenses
Vector Hardware Config
Vector License Manager
Vector License Client
Hardware-Based License
Software-Based License
License installed on
  • Operation Computer
  • Network Interface
  • Vector Keyman

*There are further License Models/technologies used by Vector, for example for server based products. Please contact Vector Support or Sales for further information.

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