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Ethernet Proprietary Signal-Protocol-DLL

Last updated: 2018-11-29

CANoe/CANalyzer .Ethernet supports several protocols, which are interpreted up to the signal level and can be displayed in Panel and Graphics windows. Many protocols like SOME/IP, AUTOSAR PDU, DoIP, XCP and others are already built-in.

For proprietary protocols it is possible to interpret the Ethernet packet in CAPL and create system variables with the application data. The system variables can even reflect the message layout within the Ethernet packet. CANoe/CANalyzer .Ethernet comes with the example configuration EthernetBasicProprietaryProtocol which demonstrates this approach.

If the approach with CAPL/system variables is not suitable, CANoe/CANalyzer .Ethernet supports a DLL C-interface to extend the protocol interpretation capabilities.

A signal protocol DLL can be created by a user and in combination with a DBC database a proprietary Ethernet protocol can be interpreted by CANoe/CANalyzer. See the CANoe/CANalyzer help for details.

This example configuration contains a Visual Studio project of a signal-protocol-DLL with Extended API and a CANoe .Ethernet configuration for users of version 9.0 or newer.

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