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How to Simulate Loads with Currents > 10 A with the VT System

Last updated: 2019-11-15

Can Vector support the simulation of a constant current load with more than 10 A current with a card for VT System (while one channel of the VT1004A supports constant current load simulation up to 10 A)?


A current of more than 10 A for constant current load can be achieved when two channels of a VT1004A card are used in parallel.

  • The ECU should be connected using the bus bar connector and switched to the load by the bus bar relays.
  • The constant current settings should be the same for both used channels (e.g. for 15 A, each channel should be set to 7.5 A).

Keep in mind that the maximum continuous power rating for all channels of a VT1004 module is 30 W. If you use two VT1004 (one channel each) the maximum power is 60 W.

For even higher loads, it is also possible to control 3rd party electronic loads with analog voltages from the VT System or CANoe (e.g. via LXI) in the same automation environment.

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