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New Vector Licenses on VT6000 Modules

Last updated: 2020-01-13

How can I activate licenses of the New Vector License Model on the VT6000 modules?


The images ≥ 1.3.2 include the Vector License Client (version 4.0 or higher). Thus, the new licenses can also be managed on VT6104A, VT6204. This is possible via the offline mechanisms even if the VT60xx modules have no connection to the Internet. To access the Vector License Client open a remote desktop session with the VT6000, open Explorer and run the Vector License Client in C:\Program Files\Vector License Client.

If an older VT6000 image version than 1.3.2 is used the Vector License Client can be installed on the VT6000.

  • Download the Vector License Client from the Vector Download area: VectorLicenseClientInstaller
  • Copy the zip archive to the TMP share on the VT6000
    (\\<IP address of VT6000\TMP)
  • Open a remote desktop session with the VT6000.
  • Disable the write protection on the VT6000: Run the batch file
  • After the VT6000 rebooted, restart the remote desktop connection and open the Explorer. Unzip and run the License Client installation
  • Enable the write protection on the VT6000: Run the batch file
  • Please be aware that licenses should not be activated on VT6011, VT6051 or VT6051A! This option will be removed in a future version.
  • Currently, during the installation of licenses, only one active module may be connected to the VT6000, which can act as license carrier. But it is sufficient to disable other modules temporarily in the device manager.
  • You can also activate all licenses to a Vector Keyman and use the Vector Keyman on the VT System.
  • Please only use CodeMeter version 6.40 on VT System (automatically installed by the Vector License Client). Only this version is released for VT System usage.
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