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Why Do I Have to Contact an Admin if I Want to Transfer My License?

Last updated: 2020-01-08

Why do I have to contact an admin if I want to transfer my license?


After deactivation, the license is still assigned to the device where it was activated. This assignment needs to be deleted. See this descripton and video tutorial of a deactivation for transfer.


If we compare the activation of a software (in NVLM) with eating at a restaurant, an assignment of a license is the reservation of a table for a customer whereas the activation is taking the seat at the table.

If a waiter (admin) wants to assure that you have a dedicated seat he makes a reservation (assignment) for you (device) to a seat (license). This assures that no other guest (device) gets this seat (license).

You can activate a license without prior assignment like going into a restaurant without reservation. Yet if the seat (license) is reserved for someone else (= assigned to some other device), you will not be able to take this seat (license).

If you go away from your seat (deactivate the license from a device in the Vector License Client) the table is still reserved for you (the device is still assigned). You may only go outside for a cigarette and want to come back. If you tell the waiter that you leave, he will make the table available for someone else. This corresponds with telling an admin that he can deassign the license through the Vector License Portal.

The waiter can also make this seat available for someone else on his own authority (deassign the license) but only if you are not sitting on the seat (the license is not active).

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