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Update / Uninstall / Modification of a CANoe or CANalyzer Installation that Was Deployed by IT Administration Is Not Possible

Last updated: 2019-01-24

My CANoe was installed by a software deployment system which is controlled by your IT administration. When I start the installation program (e.g. of a downloaded service pack installation) I can't see my installed CANoe instance and cannot update/modify/uninstall it.

Why can't I update/uninstall/modify a CANoe (or CANalyzer) installation that was deployed by my IT administration?


The installation program (SetupCANoe64.exe) does not list installations that were executed without so-called instance transforms. These transforms allow to install the same main version of CANoe multiple times. When CANoe is installed by a software deployment system, such an instance transform might not be applied. That implies an isolation between user-based and IT-based installations. Dependent on the settings of the deployment system, the installed CANoe instance might or might not be listed in the Add/Remove Programs panel of the system control panel. Your IT department, however, is able to update/modify/uninstall the deployed installation.

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