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How to Execute HW-Specific Requests of a vMem Using the vMemAccM

Last updated: 2019-01-30
How do I execute HW-Specific requests of a vMem using the vMemAccM
It is not allowed the call the vMem API directly, therefore the HW-specific vMem requests have to be set up through the vMemAccM to be prioritized against and synchronized with other vMem requests. To set up such a request, vMemAccM provides the public API vMemAccM_HwSpecificReq with following parameters:
  • AddressAreaId referencing the wanted vMem
  • HwId provided by the enum vMemAccM_HwIdType within vMemAccM_vMemCfg.h. The parameter references the vMem instance.
  • vMemHwSpecificFuncIndex pointing to the wanted hardware-specific request in vMem’s function pointer table. Each vMem provides the available indexes within the vMem_HWSpecificFuncId enumeration within the file vMem_Extended_Func.h.
  • DataPtr storing the input and output parameters needed by the desired vMem request. vMemAccM does not use the data, it will be forwarded to vMem.
  • Length of the DataPtr.
vMemAccM does not split the hardware-specific requests into several steps, it will be forwarded to the vMem as one request.

The vMem_30_Tc3xxInf01 provides the hardware-specific function, vMem_30_Tc3xxInf01_GetActiveAddressRegion, which gets the currently active address region. To receive this information the API vMemAccM_HwSpecificReq has to be called with the parameters:

  • AddressAreaId referencing vMem_30_Tc3xxInf01
  • HwId corresponding to instance of vMem_30_Tc3xxInf01
  • vMemHwSpecificFuncIndex is given by the symbol VMEM_30_TC3XXINF01_ACTIVE_ADDRESS_REGION
  • DataPtr must point to a variable of type vMem_30_Tc3xxInf01_AddressRegionType. When the job is completed, it contains the information which address region is currently active.
  • Length is not used in this case and could be e.g. 1.
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