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How to avoid: System error ... expired 5 times at the same point in time

Last updated: 2019-03-22

What means an error message like

System Error: timer NameOfTimer Timer expired 5 times at the same point of time. Potential recursion!

and how can I avoid it?


If this error occurs the CANoe measurement will stop. The reason is, that a timer was set up again although this timer was not expired (ended correctly).

The following example explains the error message:

  msTimer NameOfTimer;

on message 0x100
    canceltimer(NameOfTimer);    // simple solution to avoid this error
    settimer(NameOfTimer,1000);  // if the cycle time of the message 0x100 is faster than the timer duration you receive this error message if the timer is not previously canceled.

Check if this timer is defined only once inside your CANoe configuration. Take care that the timer was expired/canceled before starting it again.


An error message with “… expired 5 times at the same point of time …” may also indicate that a timer inside a network node has been copied manually within a CANoe configuration.

To prevent such an error message do not copy nodes without renaming global variables’ names.

If the Model Generation Wizard is used to generate a CANoe configuration for a remaining bus simulation, use it again to extend your simulation setup to avoid above described issues.

Add the first bus by using Create Configuration and add subsequent busses by (using the same database and) selecting Extend Configuration.

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