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What to Do if My Vector Keyman Does Not Appear in Vector License Client

Last updated: 2020-01-08

What can I do the if Vector Keyman is not shown in the Vector License Client as License Carrier so that I cannot activate a New Vector License on it?


Check the serial number:

  1. If the serial number is < 3-344000, the Vector Keyman is not supported as License Carrier by the NVLM (see Note 1). Please contact Vector sales or activate your license on another device.
  2. If the serial number is ≥ 3-344000, first check these 3 items. If the Vector Keyman is still not recognized, please update the firmware of the Vector Keyman as described below in Note 2.
Note 1:

Migration of Legacy Licenses from a Vector Keyman with serial number < 3-344000 to a New Vector License on another device is possible. Please ensure to have an up-to-date Vector License Client version before that.

Note 2:

How to update the firmware of a Vector Keyman offline.

  1. Download this file with the firmware update and extract the file CmDongleFirmwareUpdate4_05.wbb.
  2. Connect the Vector Keyman to the computer
  3. Open a command prompt (Windows | cmd) and go to the tool cmu in the directory
    %\Program Files%\CodeMeter\Runtime\bin

  4. Execute cmu using the command cmu[32].exe and the following parameters
    • /s specifies the serial number of the Vector Keyman (if you do not specify a serial number, if technically possible, all connected Vector Keymen are updated)
    • /d starts the firmware update of the Vector Keyman
    • /f specifies the file used for the firmware update. Enter with the path to which you saved the CmDongleFirmwareUpdate4_05.wbb

  1. As a result you should see the following screen. Then the update is completed.

Example all in one line:

C:\> "Program Files (x86)\CodeMeter\Runtime\bin\cmu32.exe" /s 3-4012452 /d /f D:\TEMP\CmDongleFirmwareUpdate4_05.wbb

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