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Backward Compatibility for 64-bit Version (CANape)

Last updated: 2019-09-20

CANape is delivered as a 64-bit application starting with version 17. What compatibility points must be considered when updating from the previous 32-bit versions?


When updating to the 64-bit version of CANape, please consider the following points:

  • The 64-bit version of CANape cannot be run on 32-bit operating systems.
  • The ETAS BOA interface offers no support for 64-bit, thus the "ETAS Hardware" entry will not be displayed in the device configuration.
  • The INCA COM DLL does not work with 64-bit applications.
  • User-defined 32-bit checksum DLLs are not supported.
  • CDD files with embedded 32-bit DLLs are not supported.
  • The following user-defined DLLs have to be recompiled as 64-bit DLLs:
    • Function DLLs and MATLAB/Simulink DLLs used for Bypassing
    • Function DLLs used in CASL scripts
    • DLLs for DAIO-system devices
    • Transport-layer DLLs of XCP devices
  • Measurement via Ethernet and executing DLLs on old VN8900 devices with 32-bit operation system is not supported.
  • ERT/WEC is not supported.
  • Condalo Logger files (CCO3) are not supported.
  • The Vector USB Dongle (blue dongle) is not supported.
  • Registry entries for 64-bit will not work with the 32-bit version of the API. The client is integrated statically: For the 64-bit version, a client of version 17.0 is required/an update of the client is required.
  • MOST networks do not work.
  • XCPonSXI is not supported. 
  • It is not possible to create devices using the CANopen driver.
  • Service Pack 3 of CANape 17.0 is required for most DirectShow video codecs (e.g. DivX or ffdshow).

In case you still need a 32-bit version of CANape, please contact Vector Support.

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