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Component <Det> Is Not Assigned to an OS Application

Last updated: 2019-04-29

The RTE generation fails because the RTE generator raises error
RTE13009 – Component is not assigned to an OS Application.


There are two ways to solve this issue:

  1. Define an EcucPartition for the BSW
    1. Open the Basic Editor and create the EcucPartitionCollection Sub Container if it does not exist
    2. Create at least one EcucPartition
    3. Configure the required ASIL and choose this partition for the BSW module execution
    4. Assign the Det SWC to this partition
    5. Assign the EcucPartition to the BSW Os Application
  2. Map a dummy runnable to an Os Application
    1. Create a DetConfigSet container if it does not exist
    2. Create a dummy DetModule container
    3. Synchronize the System or SWC description
    4. Map the dummy ReportError runnable to your BSW Task


The assignment of a SWC to an OS Application is usually determined based on the mapping of the related runnables. The Det SWC does not define any runnable by default. To overcome this situation, you either need to define a dummy runnable that can be mapped to an Os Application or you need to assign the Det SWC explicitly to an Os Application using an EcucPartition.
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