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Adaptive MICROSAR: No Network on Connection with IPC during Startup

Last updated: 2019-05-07

If the network binding IPC is used, the following errors could occur during startup of an application:


Network is Not Available

The following logging text indicates that the network is not available:

[ERROR] [20668: Endpoint(0x1:0x1)] OnSendError:258: error type: 6 platform error: 101 Network is unreachable

The IPC binding uses node-local IPv6 multicast communication for the service discovery. On Linux, the IP multicast communication on the loopback device lo is disabled by default. 
To enable multicast communication on the loopback device lo, the following commands must be executed:  

$ sudo ip link set lo multicast on
$ sudo ip route add ff01::0/16 dev lo

Address Already in Use

This problem is indicated with the following logging text:

[ERROR] Start Failed to start ipc server. Listen returns with Statuscode: 6 Platform errno: 98 Address already in use

[ERROR] EventManager::Init Failed to open IPC server.
The IPC communication uses socket files created in the /tmp folder. If an application was terminated unexpectedly the sockets may be still present. Once the application is restarted the IPC server will complain about the addresses being already in use. A socket is named according to the following scheme:

vector_basic_ipc_domain-<domain id>_port-<port number>

The problem may be resolved by just removing the socket file(s) manually. 

$ sudo rm /tmp/vector_basic_ipc_domain-42_port-42


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