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Accessing the DAIO pins of VN5610A, VN5640, VN7640 using the XL Driver Library (Activation Line)

Last updated: 2019-05-16

(How) can I access the DAIO pins of VN5610A, VN5640 and VN7640 hardware interfaces using the XL Driver Library?


Using the XL Driver Library, it is possible to access the DAIO connectors of Vector Hardware Interfaces.

Creating an XL Driver Library application for the VN5610A, VN5640 and VN7640 in particular, it is possible to use the digital I/O masks for e.g. accessing their Activation Lines (DoIP).

The required pins for each interface are described in their dedicated user manual.

However please note the following rules for accessing the pins of the above mentioned interfaces when using the XL Driver Library:

For VN5640 and VN7640:

  • Pin 2 uses the port mask XL_DAIO_PORT_MASK_DIGITAL_D3 (Activation Line)
  • Pin 3 uses the port mask XL_DAIO_PORT_MASK_DIGITAL_D4 (Activation Line)
  • Pin 8 uses the port mask XL_DAIO_PORT_MASK_DIGITAL_D0 (not related to the Activation Line)

Figure 1: DSUB9(CH5) from VN7640 / VN5640 User Manual

For VN5610A:

Pin 1 (Lemo Connector) uses the port mask XL_DAIO_PORT_MASK_DIGITAL_D3 (Activation Line)

Figure 2: IO CH5 (Lemo Connector) from VN5610A User Manual

Sample usage:

You can use one of the DAIO demo samples that are installed with the XL Driver Library and use the xlIoSetDigitalOutput function in order to set e.g. the pins for the Activation Line.

Please note that in all three cases, the Activation Line pins are Digital Input/Output ports and will therefore receive events.


Code snippet for a VN5640:

XLdaioDigitalParams daio;

// Set the activation line
daio.valueMask = XL_DAIO_PORT_MASK_DIGITAL_D3 | XL_DAIO_PORT_MASK_DIGITAL_D4; // depending on which port you want to toggle…

xlStatus = xlIoSetDigitalOutput(g_xlPortHandle, g_xlChannelMask, &daio);

Sleep(1000); // or another timeout

// reset the activation line
daio.valueMask = 0;

xlStatus = xlIoSetDigitalOutput(g_xlPortHandle, g_xlChannelMask, &daio);

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