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CANape 14 Does Not Start (With Activated Data Execution Prevention (DEP))

Last updated: 2019-06-25

When using CANape 14 on Windows 10, CANape is not able to start, this error message occurs:

The application cannot be run with activated Data Execution Prevention. Please contact your system administrator.


The issue is caused by a activated Windows Data Execution Prevention (DEP).

  1. The Windows Data Execution Prevention has to be deactivated for CANape 14. The following steps explain how to do that:

  2. In the Windows Start menu type Control Panel and click System | Advanced system settings

    In the Performance Options dialog go to  the tab Data Execution Prevention and select Turn on DEP for all programs and service packs except those I select.

  3. Before you close this window, you have to Add CANape 14 to this exceptions. In the file selection box that opens, navigate to the executable of CANape 14 (canape32.exe). By default, this is located in the directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Vector CANape 14\Exec\

  4. After you added CANape 14, confirm the changes with OK

With these settings, CANape 14 should start without an error message.

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