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HostCAM Factory Reset

Last updated: 2019-06-27

If you want to reset your HostCAM to factory defaults, please note that some files are lost, that were preinstalled before delivery:

  • The "FastSync" app, for real time clock synchronization between data logger and HostCAM
  • The license file, in case the HostCAM is licensed by a camera-based license

Please note: Although the camera's web interface offers a factory reset, it does not offer any way to save these installed files!

To prevent losing these files, instead of the camera's web interface, use the HostCAM Setup tool to do the factory reset, as it takes care of the installed files. It automatically saves the files from the camera before the reset and re-installs them after the reset.

  1. Run the tool from the Vector Logger Configurator via menu Tools | HostCAM Setup.
  2. There, from the Load and Save Settings dropdown menu select Perform factory reset.
  3. Allow a few minutes for the camera to perform the reset.

In rare cases, it was observed that the camera refuses to reinstall the saved files. In this case HostCAM Setup asks you for a destination folder to store the files. In this case, please re-install the files manually with HostCAM Setup, along with the setup of the other HostCAM parameters (IP address, resolution, frame rate, …).

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