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VectorCAST Identifying Impacted Requirements

Last updated: 2019-10-02

Does VectorCAST track changes in linked requirements from an external management system?

How does VectorCAST prevent a changed requirement from being overlooked?


If VectorCAST detects that a requirement has been updated and it is linked to a test case in a VectorCAST unit test environment, then the requirement is considered "impacted". Any test cases linked to impacted requirements are then marked as needing review.

The user is then prevented from changing the list of linked requirements, and from exporting case pass/fail data back to the requirements / ALM system.

The user then verifies that the test case still satisfies the test's associated requirement(s), perhaps modifying Input or Expected Values and executing as needed.

When done, the user marks the test case as having been reviewed. This action then frees up the restrictions on the test case, allowing the user to once again change the list of linked requirements, and export the pass/fail status back to the requirements / ALM system.

See also this video tutorial.

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