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VectorCAST Suppress Instrumentation for Specific Functions or Files

Last updated: 2019-10-02

VectorCAST version 2018 SP3 includes the ability to specify that coverage instrumentation for specific functions or whole files be suppressed in C/C++ source files. This functionality is available on the Options dialog | Coverage tab | Cover Environment sub-tab.

Click the [+] button to add a file or function to be suppressed during instrumentation, using the following syntax:

file.ext:function (for C sources)

file.ext:class::function (for C++ sources)

The wildcard character can be used to match any text.

For example:

  • manager.c:* suppresses instrumentation of all functions in manager.c
  • manager.c:Place* suppresses instrumentation of any functions in manager.c starting with "Place"
  • manager.cpp:Manager::Place* suppresses instrumentation of any functions in manager.cpp, in the class Manager, starting with "Place"
  • templates.cpp:List<*>::push_back suppresses instrumentation for all types of the push_back function in the List template class. Suppressing only one type but not another is not supported.

Instrumentation for two source files in the Cover environment having the same name but residing in different locations is suppressed in both files.

Changes to this option require reinstrumentation to take effect.


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