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No LIN Interface in my CDD

Last updated: 2019-07-18
Why is there no LIN interface in my CDD?

In a LIN CDD, there is no need for a LIN specific “Supported Interfaces” description because the LIN Specification and the LDF contain together all needed settings.

For diagnostic and slave reconfiguration purposes, the LIN specification has fixed the two following LIN frames:

  • 0x3C : Master Request Frame
  • 0x3D : Slave Response Frames

and the diagnostic P2 and P2 extended timings.

Further diagnostic relevant settings such as the node address are defined within the LDF.

The UDS services out of the CDD are exchanged between master and slave using these two LIN frames.

For slave reconfiguration purpose, the LIN specification defines a set of specific 0xBx services that you can conveniently add to your CDD using the LIN specific template Vector_UDSonLIN.cddt that is delivered with your CANdelaStudio installation under
C:\Users\Public\Documents\Vector\CANdelaStudio\<CANdelaStudio version>\Examples.

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