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Using LMTools to Run Multiple FLEXlm License Services on Windows

Last updated: 2019-10-02

I have several products that use FLEXlm licensing and they each require me to run a different version of the FLEXlm server. Is this possible on Windows?


In order to configure LMTOOLS to check out multiple licenses for different tools, you will need to create a separate service and configure it for each tool.  To create a new service, follow these steps for each individual tool (Using VectorCAST Service as example):

  1. Start LMTools
  2. Go to the Service/License File tab and select the Configuration using Services radio button. This shows an example with another product service already existing.
  3. Go to the Config Services tab
  4. In the service name field, type in the service name for the new service, such as VectorCAST Service.
  5. Setup the new service to point to the path to lmgrd.exe in the flexlm directory under the VectorCAST install directory
  6. Setup the service to point to the path to the license file from VectorCAST licensing.
    (Note: The VectorCAST license file provided will contain the path to the Vector vendor daemon (vector.exe), which by default will be located in the same directory as lmgrd.exe. Please make sure that this path is valid if the default installation directory is modified.)
  7. Setup the debug log file with path. The newer versions of FLEXlm default to write the log in the path shown below, which may need to be changed if there are restrictions on being able to write there. If so, you can specify the debug log wherever it is allowed to be written.
  8. Check the Use Services box and then the Start Server at Power Up box at the bottom so that the service uses windows services and starts automatically.
  9. Click the Save Service button
  10. Go to the Start/Stop/Reread tab, confirm the new service is the one selected, and select the Start Server button to start it.

You will need to repeat steps 1 though 10 for any additional license services.


Please note that you should set a LM_LICENSE_FILE Windows environment variable to point to your license service using the port@server syntax when your application is launched. VectorCAST suggests using a VECTOR_LICENSE_FILE environment variable set to port@server to avoid confusion between license services when serving for multiple tools.

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