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Value Definition in Parameter Tree Not Possible

Last updated: 2019-10-02

Why am I not allowed to set a my desired negative value in the parameter tree?


VectorCAST needs definitions for INT_MIN and INT_MAX to work out the range of an integer on the target system. These defines are in limits.h.

If a customer project has also a limits.h it may be that compiler uses that instead of its limits.h. Then VectorCAST does not get the definition for INT_MIN and INT_MAX and assumes integer is 32-bit. This may result in a wrong target range for the parameter.

For the customer's target this is wrong, and the target reports incorrect range data which compromises the parameter tree editor.


The data type int is 16-bit on the target, VectorCAST has range checking enabled. The parameter tree does not allow setting a value of -1 for data type int.

A customer project has a limits.h also. The compiler uses that instead of its limits.h.

The target reports incorrect range data which compromises the parameter tree editor.


There should not be any header name clashes with compiler headers. That is not specific to VectorCAST usage, it is general programming practice.

Other data types may also be compromised, for example unsigned.

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