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Combine Function Call Coverage with Other Coverage Types

Last updated: 2019-11-11

VectorCAST 2019 SP3 allows the user to combine Function Call coverage with the following coverage types. Only coverage types with Statement coverage are supported:

  • Statement coverage
  • Statement+Branch coverage
  • Statement+MC/DC coverage

To combine coverage, first instrument for Statement, Statement+Branch, or Statement+MC/DC coverage.

Choose Tools | Options and click the Coverage tab. Then click the Options tab and the Instrumentation Options sub-tab if it is not selected.

Select the Instrument for function call coverage option and click the OK button.

Next, instrument for Statement, Statement + Branch, or Statement + MC/DC coverage.


Coverage must be re-instrumented after enabling this option to view the combined coverage.

clicast -lc option VCAST_ENABLE_FUNCTION_CALL_COVERAGE True | False
When this option is enabled, additional instrumentation will be added to provide function call coverage in the metrics reports. Only coverage types with statement coverage are currently supported. The default value is False.

Once the option is applied, VectorCAST instruments for the selected coverage type combination:

  • Statement + Function Call coverage
  • Statement + Branch + Function Call coverage
  • Statement + MC/DC + Function Call coverage

Function Call coverage status is displayed in the Test Case Tree in the Environment View. Hovering over the status bar displays a tool tip showing the status.

In the Coverage Viewer, the percentage of Function Call coverage is shown on the top bar of the viewer. Function call coverage is indicated in the viewer through the use of brackets [ ], with an asterisk to indicate a function call has been covered. Coverage By Analysis (CBA) is supported.

A column for Function Call coverage is included in the Metrics Report when combined coverage is applied.

A column for Function Call coverage is included in the Code Coverage Summary when combined coverage is applied.

The Aggregate Report also displays Function Call coverage.

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