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Automatic Install VectorCAST in Windows

Last updated: 2019-10-23

We have a large installed base for VectorCAST for Windows. It would be advantageous if we could kick off a batch job to install VectorCAST on a particular machine, rather than having to step through the prompts. Can I program VectorCAST to install itself?


(Windows only)

You can instruct the VectorCAST installation program to install itself silently.

  1. Run setup.exe -r from the command line to record the steps you want to use in a repeating fashion. Note that the installation steps need to be repeatable, that is, you must install to the same directory each time.
  2. This process creates a file named setup.iss in the C:\Windows\system directory.
  3. Move this file into the directory from which you install VectorCAST.
  4. From then on, when you run setup.exe -s, the installation process installs silently. It runs in the background, working its way automatically through the prompts.
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